Fun accessories to take on your next road trip

Fun Accessories To Take On Your Next Road Trip

From smart tech gadgets to handy camping gear like reusable kitchenware and air beds, go-to fun accessories are great to have on hand in your car for safe and enjoyable road trips. Explore our list of the top camping, electronic, and other basic items to make your next adventure memorable – both on the road and at your destination.

Essential electronics

For hands-free calls, skipping a song or using your phone as a GPS, a smartphone car mount helps keep your hands on the wheel. You can even go all out and buy a stand-alone GPS with a bigger, more visible screen, to help you discover those hidden bike trails or to more easily map last-minute route changes.

Staying charged up on the road will help everyone have fun. A high-capacity power bank for your smartphone, laptop, and camera – and at least one dual USB car charger – are great investments for keeping devices juiced up and everyone occupied in the car. Don’t forget to buy a dashcam, which is useful for footage in case of an accident and also a fun accessory for recording and editing videos of your road trip.

Camping gear

If you plan on staying overnight, solar-powered camping lights and a head torch for hands-free activities will add to the night’s fun, especially at dinner time and during games. A lightweight, reusable camping cookware set and a water bottle are good ways to reduce your waste and also assist in hygiene on the trip, as they’re easy to wash. A top tip is to keep a coffee flask or thermos in your car to help you keep warm on winter road trips and stay hydrated during summer months.

After dinner, it’s nice knowing you get to fall into a good-quality inflatable air bed that will aid in getting a good’s night sleep – so you’ll be feeling refreshed for driving or exploring in the morning. A roof-top tent requires a roof rack, but you get to sleep off the cold ground, well away from creepy crawlies. If you road trip a lot, it may even be worth investing in a caravan or campervan. The biggest bonus is you can camp wherever you park your car!

Basic needs

A portable jump starter or jump cables will come in handy if you ever have a flat battery. Many portable jump starters also double as a power bank for lights and equipment. If you do get stuck, an LED emergency light and a reflective emergency jacket will help people see you and offer assistance.

In case of an accident or emergency, a first aid kit is a top priority for any road trip. Make sure your kit has enough supplies, such as ice-packs, foil blankets, and bandages, for the entire trip.

A few other pieces of equipment that make for a more seamless road trip, include towing mirrors to keep an eye on your trailer or caravan, an outdoor shower to freshen up after a long day at the wheel, and a portable fridge-freezer to keep your food and drinks icy cold until you’re ready to relax.

Choosing a few fun accessories and extras for your road trip will give you better comfort and entertainment during those long hours behind the wheel and away from home in any season. Or, if it suits you and your family, you can consider upgrading to an SUV or van. There are many vehicle options on Gumtree with in-built accessories, or pick and choose what suits you and fit out your car with your favourites.

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