Furnishing my entire apartment for $600


When my then husband-to-be and I moved into our very first home, we were lucky enough to find a brand new two-bedroom apartment, close to public transport and some of the best restaurants in suburban Sydney. We had the daunting task of filling that apartment, but with our wedding just months away, our budget was limited. Luckily, I furnished my entire apartment for $600 with great finds on Gumtree.

As a newly transplanted New Yorker, I had my sentimental favourites shipped from overseas, but it would be eight weeks before they arrived in Sydney. In the meantime, while we might have been happy with a temporary mattress on the floor, we did not think our overseas wedding guests would appreciate dining off paper plates and sleeping on the carpet.

After looking through the local furniture shops and department stores, I concluded that I needed to go second-hand. Armed with my trusty laptop and a local map, I went shopping on Gumtree and found some stylish, practical furniture to fill my new home. Sure, there were some pre-loved items with a few nicks and dents, but just as many were in pristine condition and surprisingly good value. With my favourite items from overseas and a few new items gifted by the in-laws, we had our apartment decked out in no time. Our shiny new apartment transformed into a warm and welcoming home.

We have since moved from that first apartment into a bigger house, but we still turn to Gumtree for great new finds and bargain. Here are some ideas for how you might furnish your new home, or update your place with treasures at a great price.

Freedom Frenchie Grey Sofa $350 
Image credit: Gumtree user
Freedom Sofa
This grey sofa will go well with any lounge room at a great bargain of $350, it originally retailed for $799.

Eames style retro sideboard $179
Image credit: Gumtree user
This retro Eames style sideboard is both functional and good looking. Great way to get extra storage.

IKEA bed frame $20
Image credit: Gumtree user
bedroom setting
Pick up this double bed frame for a bargain!

Dining table and chairs $200
Image credit: Gumtree user
dining table set
This beautiful dining table with chairs set is perfect for the eat-in-kitchen or dining nook. No need to eat on the couch.

Dinner setting $10
Image credit: Gumtree user
dinner set
Fill your cupboards with this entire dinner setting for the price of breakfast!

French bistro set $55
Image credit: Gumtree user
patio set
This sweet little bistro set is perfect for the balcony or outdoor courtyard.

Rocking armchair $50
Image credit: Gumtree user
Chill out at the end of the day in this rocking armchair with footrest.

IKEA dining table $20
Image credit: Gumtree user
Dine in style for less than a cost of a meal at your local restaurant.

IKEA desk $120
Image credit: Gumtree user
This modern desk can tuck into that unfurnished corner for a perfect home office!

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