Garage Sale Trail

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If you love a good garage sale, then this coming Saturday, October 25th, is going to be right up your alley. It’s the national Garage Sale Trail, where garage sales are held on the same day across the country.

Originating in Sydney’s iconic beachside suburb of Bondi, local residents Darryl Nichols and Andrew Valder started the Garage Sale Trail as a way to help fight illegal dumping. Sick of seeing so many unwanted couches and barbeques left on the street, they rallied local residents to hold a garage sale on the same day, encouraging people to sell unwanted items instead of dumping them.

Now, just four years later, the Garage Sale Trail is a massive national event with around 10,000 garage sales expected to be held this Saturday. What a fantastic initiative! And its popularity just shows how much Aussies love the idea of turning someone else’s trash into their own personal treasure.

But the Garage Sale Trail is more than just a garage sale. Not only do you have the chance to find yourself some second-hand goodies, you’ll also have the chance to experience something very special; good old fashioned community spirit. When local communities come together, united for a cause such as this, it creates a fantastic energy and is a real buzz to be a part of. So why not make the most of it? Check out a few garage sales this weekend, hunt down a treasure or two and make friends with the neighbours while you’re at it!

For sellers
If you’ve signed up to hold a garage sale this weekend, nice work! Selling your unwanted gear is a fantastic way to clear out your cupboards, empty your spare rooms and make some extra cash. Or if you don’t need the cash, plenty of sellers opt to donate the funds to charity, earning some warm and fuzzies instead. Either way, by giving your unwanted gear a second lease on life you’re helping to limit curbside dumping and make our streets look that much nicer.

If you have a few key items you’re really hoping will sell this weekend, why not attract a few extra buyers and pop an ad on Gumtree in advance? It’s free to post an ad, so spread the word and get as many people to your garage sale as possible. And if you don’t manage to sell everything on the day, you can always sell the rest on Gumtree afterwards.

The Garage Sale Trail is a fantastic initiative and it makes us happy to know that so many Aussies will be out and about this weekend, buying and selling second-hand goods. If you enjoy the experience and discover a newfound love of second-hand shopping, you can always head over to Gumtree anytime you feel the urge to hunt down something new (or old!).

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