Garden Sheds Guide: How to Find the Perfect Shed

Garden Sheds Guide: How To Find The Perfect Shed

Are you after something to help contain your tools, garden equipment and small machinery? For the least amount of used space, keep your backyard in order with a small garden shed.

Despite popular opinion, garden sheds don’t have to look jarring or out of place, and you won’t need to tuck them around the side of the house anymore. Many design-conscious garden sheds on the market would fit seamlessly into most people’s yards, and if size is your priority, a grand garden shed can come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve put together a list of different kinds of sheds that help to aid both design and functionality.

Timber garden sheds

The best thing about timber garden sheds, or wooden garden sheds, is the size and design versatility. You can custom buy pre-made sheds to perfectly fit into small or large yards, and you can keep their original colour or custom-paint the timber for a more personalised result. These sheds are solid, sturdy and weatherproof, made to keep your garden maintenance tools in pristine condition and help them outlive their warranty. They also have great insulating properties to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. You can also trust a good timber garden shed to keep most of the critters out.

Narrow garden sheds

If you’re hoping for a small addition to your yard that doesn’t take up too much space, a narrow garden shed is worth your time. With thin yet strong sheet metal, these sheds can withstand harsh environments with only minor maintenance required. The narrow garden shed traditionally has a flat roof and a compact, boxy shape, perfect for clinging alongside a fence line or the edge of your home. The design generally comes with a padlocking system so you know that your items are kept safe and sound even while remaining outdoors. With a metal structure, you also won’t have to worry about treating the wood regularly in fear of attracting termites.

Plastic garden sheds

Depending on which type you get, these sheds can be perfect for those wanting a simple, no-fuss greenhouse to shelter their treasured plants. The use of a thinner, clear plastic not only helps provide your plants with some shade coverage but is also great for shielding from harsh wind and weather. If you’re looking to find a generic garden shed style, many plastic garden sheds on the market use thicker plastic that can even substitute for metal garden sheds. Due to their nature, they don’t rust or require a lot of maintenance yet achieve a long life span. These substitute sheds can also come in a range of designs to suit your home.

Did you see a shed you’d want for your backyard? Whether you’re choosing timber or plastic, narrow or big, a garden shed can be a practical and appealing addition to your outdoor storage. If you now need some shelving for your new shed, browse Gumtree Australia for ideas.

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