Garden Tools to Keep Your Yard in Top Shape

Garden Tools To Keep Your Yard In Top Shape

It’s worth investing time and money in your garden—bringing a piece of nature into your backyard, creating a functional outdoor living space and improving street appeal are just some of the benefits. Maintaining your yard doesn’t have to be a difficult chore given the right tools, so read on to find out which ones to add to your arsenal.

Best hand tools

Popular brands of quality garden hand tools include Fiskars, Cyclone and Spear and Jackson. Small hand tools are not expensive, making quality items affordable for most gardeners. Shovels, spades and hoes come with short or long handles. Short handles are great for maneuverability and long handles provide leverage for bigger jobs. Remember to wear appropriate safety gear like gloves, shoes, and eye and ear protection when working with garden tools.

Secateurs are one of the most commonly used hand-held garden tools, generally ranging in price from less than $10 to over $100. Good quality cutting tools with stainless or carbon steel will stay sharper for longer. Cutting tools like tree loppers and pruning saws can be more expensive but are a good investment for a medium-to-large-sized yard.

Garden power tools—cordless, combo kits or petrol-powered?

Battery garden power tools just keep getting better—technical developments in battery capacity, power and run-time are making them a more popular option than corded. Corded tools still do the job of course, but when you’re in the garden, you can’t beat the freedom of battery. Buying different batteries and chargers can be costly and take up storage space, so you might like to consider choosing a combo kit from one single brand. Combo kits bundle task-specific tools together as a deal package, usually with a useful toolbox or storage bag.

Best cordless garden tool platforms

In no particular order, here are our picks for best cordless garden tool platforms:

  • Stihl—COMPACT and PRO Cordless Power Systems
  • Bosch—18V Power for All Cordless System
  • Ryobi—good value 18V One+ system and 40V range offering professional grade quality

The Ryobi garden tools range offers lots of versatile combo kits. Makita garden tools, including their larger chainsaws and mowers, require only two small batteries. This means you’ll have two batteries that can power your drill as well as your other Makita tools.

Best petrol-driven garden tools

For the big jobs, petrol engines offer more staying power. They do need more maintenance than electric ones, and fumes and high noise levels can also be drawbacks. Your engine choices are either two-stroke or four-stroke and pull-cord or electric start. Four-stroke is quieter and push-button start is easier to use than pull-cord. Here are some brands to consider:

  • Makita—known for quality and innovation, great for those who prefer a broad range of options
  • Black and Decker—a popular brand offering great performance at a reasonable price, great if you’re just starting out
  • DeWALT and AEG—tough tools, recommended for frequent or professional use

Head to Gumtree to upgrade or complete your collection of garden tools. You could also find the perfect garden tool rack or a handy toolbox to help organise your garden shed.

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