Get a Luxury Outdoor Look for Less with Budget Landscaping Ideas

Get A Luxury Outdoor Look For Less With Budget Landscaping Ideas

Redesigning a backyard or garden can take a lot of work and money. But you can create a luxurious backyard feel while sticking to a budget—no matter how tight. These simple yet effective tips and ideas will help you get the best bang for your buck in your budget landscaping project.

Landscaping with pavers

Pavers are an easy way to revamp your front patio or backyard. It can be as simple as laying down some pavers where a gravel path used to be, or completely paving a previous dirt, sand or gravel outdoor entertaining area. Creating a paved pathway can create a focal point for yourself, visitors and potential homebuyers. Pavers are a go-to for any outdoor entertaining area where the aim is to create a modern, clean look that can really bump up the value and aesthetic of your home. Browse the many paving options on Gumtree and save on your landscaping costs.

Landscaping with rocks

One of the most under-rated budget landscaping ideas is to buy rocks for landscaping. They can be used in multiple ways to create a raw, natural element in your garden. Small rocks can be a great alternative to garden bed covers instead of dirt or mulch—especially for a modern, Balinese or seaside space. Bigger rocks can be used for small walls, become flower beds or even be used as natural sculptures within your garden. You can get creative and put plants in and around the rocks to create a more subtle look, while also creating a natural wall great for native lizards.

Landscaping with plants

Landscaping plants are one of the easiest and most popular ways to landscape on a budget, bringing colour and fragrance to any space. Larger plants like hedges can be used to outline the best features of your house’s exterior or create natural fencing, as well as filling in empty sections in your yard or covering boring exposed walls. Landscaping plants like succulents, kangaroo paws and wisteria can create a great contrast to the textures or colours of your home. Browse the varieties of landscaping plants for your outdoor area on Gumtree.

Landscaping with flower and garden beds

Flower beds are another great budget landscaping idea. They can be made out of practically any recycled outdoor materials: tyres, wheelbarrows, pallets—you name it, it can likely be transformed into a flower or garden bed. If you’re wanting to buy an assembled garden bed rather than DIY alternatives, browse garden beds on Gumtree.

Landscaping with water features

Water features are a more premium option, but can still be done on a budget when bought secondhand on Gumtree. They can bring tranquillity to any space and double as a birdbath or attract frogs. Wih many different designs and sizes available, you’re sure to find a water feature that’s perfect for your intended design while falling within your budget.

If you’ve come up with a design or want to explore more options then browse the many budget landscaping supplies on Gumtree Australia to create your dream garden. Not keen on a time-consuming DIY project or manual labour? Check out landscaping services to save you the hassle and still come in on or under budget.

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