How to Clean Out Unwanted Household Items

How to create extra space and clear out your unused items
The average Aussie household has 23 unused items* taking up space in cupboards, sheds and spare rooms. So where do you start? The thought of sorting through your entire house can be overwhelming, but if it’s time you reviewed the extra gear you’ve collected we’ve put together a few quick tips to help you get started.

Set mini goals – Start small and set yourself mini goals. Pick a place to begin, whether it’s a cupboard or a room, and make an inventory of all the belongings in that space.
Be honest – Ask yourself three questions as you go through your things:
1. Have I used this item in the last year?
2. Do I value this item?
3. Will I use this item again?
If you are honest with yourself you will be quicker and more effective at going through your belongings.

Set yourself a time limit – This gives you a clear finishing time and will help you stay motivated as it gets closer.

Sell online – Now that you have identified all of your unwanted items, it’s time to make some extra cash. When selling online you can follow a few simple guidelines to ensure a smooth, cost-effective and enjoyable process:
a. Be descriptive about the product you are selling and make your ad visual by including pictures
b. Be honest and don’t over quote the product you are selling
c. Group lower value items together for sale, such as a kettle, sandwich maker and mugs
d. Educate yourself about online fraud and be cautious about giving out your online details

Maintenance – A good way to maintain your new spacious home is to use the ‘one-in-one-out’ policy. If you buy a new pair of pants, get rid of an old pair.

* Gumtree Australia Second Hand Economy Report

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