Get the Natural Look with Wooden Garden Furniture

Get The Natural Look With Wooden Garden Furniture

Australia is blessed with a climate that makes alfresco a way of life. Even in the coldest months we love to meld indoor and outdoor living as part of our lifestyle. To make the most of that, seek cheap modern garden furniture that just looks like it’s worth so much more. You’ll get so much use out of it, and your guests will thank you.

Timber outdoor furniture

There are a variety of hardwoods used in making timber garden furniture. Tasmanian oak, jarrah, blackbutt and spotted gum are all members of the eucalyptus family and all make great timber furniture. The most common timber is treated pine. It’s easy to stain and resistant to the elements and insects unique to the Aussie outdoors.

To keep your wooden garden furniture looking good, prevention is the best cure. Keep it covered when you’re not using it with furniture covers, a simple but effective way to maintain the look you want. If you need to give your timber furniture a bit of a lift, start by thoroughly washing it with soapy water and letting it dry completely. Then give it a light sanding, wipe it down again and apply a furniture oil or stain in the hue that appeals to you.

Wicker outdoor furniture

The term “wicker” refers to the process of interweaving material into a patterned piece of furniture. Within that, rattan, a supple and pliable vinelike palm, is the most common natural material in rattan garden furniture. Man-made resins are overtaking rattan because of the easier manufacturing process and the better outdoor durability.

If you need to clean wicker furniture, get the vacuum cleaner out first to dislodge dirt. Then, warm soapy water is your best bet. Give your furniture a thorough wipe with a clean damp cloth to get rid of any suds. One more rub, this time with a dry cloth, then let it dry in the sun. Next, get the covers out. Your rattan furniture will last so much longer if you protect it from the elements.

The final touches

Now add the colours that set the scene. Choose outdoor furniture cushions that are waterproof and UV resistant, because even if you do keep them inside or under cover when not in use, they’ll still cop lots of sunlight and the odd downpour.

Acrylic canvas delivers the durability and texture of canvas with a waterproof treatment. There’s an increasing range of synthetic fabrics designed for the outdoors as well. Although not as soft as canvas, synthetics offer a range of patterns and styles as wide as your imagination.

For DIY flair, you can easily create garden furniture using pallets—simply throw decorative cushions on top and you’ve got an impressive setup.

You’ll find everything you need to create all this outdoor magic at Gumtree Australia—why not go further than cheap wicker garden furniture sets to market umbrellas and even broader shade sails to keep the harsh Aussie sun at bay? If the weather’s cooling, choose from infrared or strip electric heaters or portable gas lamp heaters to warm your outdoor oasis.

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