Getting a Bigger TV? Top Cheap TV Unit Ideas & Alternatives

Getting A Bigger TV? Top Cheap TV Unit Ideas & Alternatives

If your TV and sound system are the focal point of your relaxation at home, the right TV entertainment unit to house it all is an integral part of your decor. So, it’s worth giving this the thought and planning it deserves. After all, it’s going to be right in front of you every day.

Size & layout

Your TV and home entertainment realm will almost certainly be the centrepiece of the room so start by looking at this space from an entirely different perspective. Imagine it’s blank, devoid of furnishings of any kind. Draw a layout of the room to scale. It’s important to add measurements to work out exactly how much space you have to work with. This in turn gives an idea of whether you need a big or small TV unit.

High or low?

You have a few options when it comes to the type of unit that works best. For example, if it’s a narrow wall, which incidentally is ideal if you’re assembling a complete home theatre and surround sound system, a high TV wall unit works best.

If you have the luxury of a long wall, a floating TV unit looks great. You can surround the TV unit with pieces of artwork or place indoor plants on the unit itself to lessen the prominence of the screen without losing its focal importance.

Hues and grains

The majority of TV and entertainment units use timber or pressed wood laminated materials. Some units use a combination of these with burnished metal surrounds and supports.

Light timbers look great almost anywhere. Lacquered laminates, particularly in white or black, enhance the contemporary look of any room without engulfing it. On the other hand, traditional, large timber TV cabinets will dominate their surroundings. These are better for larger rooms, blending with established timbers and rich textures and colours.

Hide & seek

It’s all too easy to fill the world around you with bits and pieces. Equally, home entertainment systems are magnets for more equipment, including cable TV receivers, game consoles and other electronic gadgets. Even CDs, DVDs, vinyl records and all the units that play them need somewhere to be stored.

Based on your collection, choose a TV or entertainment unit that can house everything. The less you have scattered about the room, the better it looks and the more you’ll enjoy being there.

On the wall

Increasingly the go-to choice for displaying ultra-thin, large screens, a wall mounted tv unit delivers lots of advantages. Using a TV wall bracket, you can place the TV exactly where you want it, at the height that’s ideal for your viewing position. It’s clean and simple plus it enhances the sense of space in your room. It also means you can choose a variety of low-slung TV and entertainment units to sit beneath it

From cheap TV units to a complete home theatre, you’ll find a wide choice of TV units for sale on Gumtree. You’ll also find everything you need for home entertainment including flatscreen TVs, home theatre projectors and speakers.

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