Go Natural with Rattan Bedroom Furniture & Accessories

Go Natural With Rattan Bedroom Furniture & Accessories

Eclectic and artsy are a complex combination to manage, but the craft of rattan does it well. Rattan is a vine-like plant similar to bamboo that comes in over 600 species. Rattan furniture is made by peeling the skin from the stalk and then weaving it into the design of choice.

As sophisticated weaving can bring heightened style to any room, here is a list of ideas for where to start when buying rattan bedroom furniture and where to place it in your home.

Rattan TV unit

TV and entertainment units are a great way to show off a rattan design. Common styles feature rattan weaving on their cupboard doors. However, rattan panelling can take place in any sturdy, wood-framed area of choice. Design is also a significant benefit, as a rattan TV unit brings a soft, neutral tone while still drawing attention, making it fit in well with other soft-tone colour palettes. Place your TV unit against a spare wall of your home to occupy your wall space with style.

Rattan coffee table

Now that you have your rattan TV unit, why not find a rattan coffee table to match? Coffee tables are a must when it comes to completing your living space and adding extra storage. Rattan weaving can give a modern touch to any coffee table style. Let the natural colour tone brighten up your environment by placing it in the centre of your designated area. A rattan ottoman can also serve as a coffee table. Other furniture pieces like a rattan footstool or pouffe add decoration and function.

Rattan floor lamp

The addition of a rattan floor lamp is an excellent way to make your room look more lavish. The in-trend style of the heightened rattan lamp will fit perfectly in the corner of a bedroom or lounge space, where it can attract attention without feeling overly cluttered. Since rattan is made to be a woven accessory, the neutral tones will help achieve minimalistic goals despite how busy the design can look. Rattan floor lamps are perfect for staging a home and earning a higher-value look.

Rattan lamp shade

Like the rattan floor lamp, you can also get your hands on a simple rattan lamp shade. These can look stylish placed over a table-top lamp and put on a nightstand beside the bed. Not only is this placement functional, but it also brings style to lower parts of the room, which will keep your interior design filled with rattan all over. You can even mix and match your lampshades to add to the eclectic theme.

How do you plan to decorate your room with rattan? With the use of a rattan TV unit, coffee table, floor lamp and lamp shade, you can achieve a unified interior look, all while maintaining a neutral colour palette. If you found an item you’d like to add to your collection, or if you’d like to keep searching, you can browse through a wide range of second-hand furniture on Gumtree Australia.

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