Now’s a good time to sell your car

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Have you been thinking about changing-up your car? Or perhaps you’re simply looking to generate some quick, extra income.

Well, now may be just the time to stop wondering about the current car in your driveway.

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented us all with challenges, yet there are also opportunities as consumer behaviour changes accordingly.

Used-Car Demand Increasing

Although restrictions are beginning to ease around Australia, nervousness about public transport usage is set to linger for some time – and it is prompting more people to switch to cars, which offer a more personal and isolated travel space.

An Ipsos survey conducted in late February in China – the country first affected by the coronavirus – pointed to an increase in non-car buyers with a higher intention of buying a car.

Car-auction houses in Australia are also reporting increased online activity.

And every day there are 150,000 unique visitors to Gumtree Cars.

End-Of-Financial Year Deals

May and June are especially frenetic periods for car sales, with manufacturers and dealers introducing major discounts and incentives for the end-of-financial-year period.

With dealers themselves incentivised to hit sales targets by 30th June, great offers are widespread – allowing you to save thousands with special driveaway deals.

Smaller bonuses can include extended warranties, free multi-year servicing, and free upgrades from manual to automatic transmissions where available.

Get The Highest Price For Your Car

Increased demand for used cars can be good news for the value of your car. But what if you could access a free online tool that could help maximise the price you get for your car?

Gumtree’s new Instant Car Valuation Tool has been created to help you do just that.

Simply insert your vehicle’s registration plate and select its registered state, and the calculator instantly provides an estimated average selling price for your vehicle.

The valuation guide gives you the confidence to get the best price for your car during negotiations with any potential buyer. It also helps ensure you don’t undervalue your car by pricing it too low in your Gumtree Cars listing.

As the valuation is simply an estimate, there is scope to adjust the price depending on the condition and mileage of your car. The better the condition and lower the kilometres travelled, generally the greater the value of your car. Certain optional features that had been added to the vehicle when it was purchased new can also increase its worth.

Trending Models on Gumtree

It’s important to sell where the buyers are, of course, and Gumtree Cars has 150,000 people visiting daily.

If your car is among popular searches, this can also help you achieve a higher price.

Five of the most popular brands are BMW, Holden, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and Ford.

Specific models that are especially popular with car-hunters on Gumtree include the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger utes, the Nissan Patrol, Toyota LandCruiser and Toyota Prado off-road vehicles, the iconic Holden Commodore, and the sporty Subaru WRX.

Get Free Instant Car Valuation

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