Your guide to navigating Boxing Day sales

Boxing Day Sales Sydney

Save on the items you need

The Boxing Day sales are a time honoured tradition in Australia, the aim is to find what you’ve had your eye on at half price.

Our advice is to go for the items that you’re after first and move onto the other areas that take your fancy. The trick is not to get too carried away on the day, don’t get sucked into all the excitement and chaos. Make a list of what you need, not what you want and stick to that list.

It’s easy to fall for sales traps and max out your card on things you don’t need, so be on point with what you need. The best way to shop on Boxing Day is online, you can avoid all the panic and get deals online without stress and poolside.

If you do intend to brave the sales, here are some quick tips:

  • Bring a backpack
  • Create a  shopping checklist
  • If you are buying bulk, plan to drive in
  • Visit the least popular shopping centres in your area
  • Search presales online
  • Alternatively find unwanted gift deals on Gumtree

Not only can you find great Boxing Day sales online, there are also over 3 million Aussies that expect to sell an unwanted gift this year. Find great Boxing day sales and deals from Unwanted gifts on Gumtree this Boxing day.

Gifts Aussies wished they received this Christmas:

Find the Christmas gift that you never received for a great price, by searching Unwanted Gifts on Gumtree.

Here are a few Unwanted Gifts currently on Gumtree:

Men’s Thomas Earnshaw 1805 watch $150 – RRP: $350.00

Image credit: Gumtree Owner


Start 2017 on time and in style with this classy looking watch.

iPhone 7 black 256gb $1,170 – RRP: $1379

Image Credit: Gumtree Owner


Move with the times and upgrade to an iPhone 7 – captures great images and looks great!

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless headphones $350 – RRP: $499

Image Credit: Gumtree Owner


Block out unwanted noise and listen to your favourite tunes.

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