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Did you know that, on average, there are 26 unused items in Australian homes collecting dust? Our latest Second Hand Economy research reveals you could earn more than $4,200 from your unwanted items plus they’ll also go to a loving home in your community – it’s win, win!

We’re sure you like to sound of making thousands from the items lying around your house, so here are some tips to help you become a pro seller 

Tip #1: Describe every detail


Selling on Gumtree is easy but it’s important to get the right price for your items. Giving as much detail as possible, including features, history of the item and why you’re selling it, can help get the best price possible.

Our research shows that more than two thirds of Aussies (63%) say they prefer buying second hand over brand new. This tells us that there are plenty of budding buyers out there just waiting to offer you good money for your items! So what are you waiting for Gummies? Start getting descriptive!


Tip #2: Take lots of good pictures


Taking good quality pictures from different angles can increase the chance of selling your items, not only faster, but for a better price. Whether it’s something for their home, an outfit to wear to dinner or a nippy car for cruising around town, give the buyer the opportunity to really imagine the item and know exactly what it is they’re buying.

Our research even revealed around one million Australian women would consider buying a second hand wedding dress for their big day. In this case, we’d suggest making sure the shade of the dress is shown accurately and maybe even have someone model the item to best capture the buyer’s attention.

Tip #3: Always be honest


In our opinion, honesty is always the best policy. Make your selling experience as easy as possible by avoiding over promising or overpricing your items. A good way to tell how much your goods are worth is doing some research for similar items on Gumtree,

Our research tells us that 50% of parents with young children would consider buying second hand baby goods. Parents always have their children’s safety in mind, so being completely honest will ensure you have a happy buyer

Tip #4: Respond to messages quickly


As a seller, it’s really important to keep on top of communication with potential buyers. If someone makes an enquiry, reply as soon as possible to avoid losing that buyer. We worked out that on average, people estimate they could save almost half of the new cost by buying items second hand (44%). The My Messages tab is an easy and private way to to communicate with potential buyers. It also allows you to keep track of the amount of buyers you have or learn as quickly as possible if your contact is no longer interested.

Selling on Gumtree is a win-win situation! Make sure you’re up to date with our helpful hints by checking out our scam security centre, or head over and check our guide to buying.

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  1. This guide is really helpful. In the past I have sold every single item I have advertised with Gumtree quickly and for the price I have asked and without photos. Now have the technology to post photos so will go through all my stuff and see if I can make
    some cash for Christmas. Thank You Gumtree.

  2. I have quite a considerable amount of very good antiques and collectables to sell but simply don’t know how to go about it. I have no way of presenting photos nor do I know very much about postage etc. I don’t have an iPhone.

    What to do ?


    H. Varrenti.

  3. I home have been take up by lots stuff that are not use to me now it would be good if I can turn them to cash and free up some good useful space . I will read your guideline may be I can try it out. See how I go.

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