Listing a Car on Gumtree? Here are Some Tips to Making Your Cars Listing Stand Out

Top Tips to Make Your Gumtree Car Listing Stand Out

More and more Aussies are heading online to turbo charge their car sale, and according to automotive expert Samantha Stevens, a little bit of creativity will get you a long way!
“When used imaginatively, online classifieds add a new level of competition to the market. From what used to be a battle of the car-yards, private sellers are now employing creative and persuasive listing techniques, exceptional photography and offering the convenience of locality. It’s rivaling dealers and means private sellers can get more bang for their buck.”

Gumtree’s top tips for making your listing stand out are:
1. Categorise your listing: When buyers are searching, they want to be able to find the car they’re looking for quickly and easily, so make sure you categorise by make and model correctly
2. Create a narrative: Step into the shoes of a car salesman and make your listing exciting to read so that potential buyers don’t switch off after the first few sentences
3. Include bright and abundant photographs: A picture speaks a thousand words – and it’s never been truer than with a car listing! Potential buyers are quick to judge, so make sure your photos are bright, clear, high-res and showcase each angle of your vehicle
4. Provide the specifics: Buyers will want to know the details, so be sure to share the specifications, kilometers, engine size, additional extras, etc.
5. Set a reasonable price: there is always room for negotiations so do some research into the benchmark for a similar make/model and set a price that is realistic.

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