A curated, limited-edition collection, created in collaboration with emerging Australian artistic talent

Lots of Love Cushions

These cushions have been upcycled with a lot of love and now they'll love you back. The octopus may have three hearts but our lots of love cushions have 5. That's a whole lot of love to add to your home.

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Pompom Patterned Couch Cushion

This cushion was already such a beauty so not much needed to be added but these new pompoms equal a match made in heaven. It may be a small cushion but it is big on personality!

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Forbidden Dessert Vase

In a past life, a plain white vase, now transformed into an explosion of colour and texture, like the prized dessert at a party. As much as we know you want to, you can't eat this one. Look, but don't bite!

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Flower Power Vase

Boasting an elegant polymer clay flower, this vase is the embodiment of the movie of your life: '2021; Summer of Love'.

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Sunset Lamps

Let the sunshine in! Two simple table lamps lovingly tinted with the colours of the sunset.

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Alien Aesthete

Your trinkets deserve nothing less than the Alien Aesthete to keep them safe and secure - transformed into functional art from a simple trinket tray.

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Grassy Glass Tray

Glass tinted grassy-green, this tray will play host to a party for your salad greens, or could be a permanent fixture on your hallway table.

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Plant Stand Man

Plant Stand Man was once overlooked at every turn. Now, he is the proud custodian of your most beloved plant; a manifestation of colour and light after coming into contact with an explosion of polymer clay and brightly coloured paint.

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Dazzling Buffet

A bland hallway table goes on a date with some glass tint and paint - transforming her from a 'bore' to the belle of the hall.

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Entity Lloor Lamp

What do you get when you mix a traditional floor lamp and a cosmic alien cow? This crazy floor lamp that's sure to spark conversation.

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Macramé Table Lamp

It started out as a sad, bare metal frame that was begging to be covered. Now it wears a custom recycled cotton macramé cover exterior that looks stunning both off and on. Once just a sad metal frame, this lamp now wears a custom recycled cotton macrame cover.

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Supernova Mirror

You'll want to get up close and personal to this supernova to appreciate all the colour and beauty! Finished in a striking yellow, each rod then has a little polymer clay sun attached to the end.

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The Very Red Chair

Red is usually a sign of danger, but this chair is simply dangerously good looking. The varnished wood is complemented perfectly by the very red lacquer, turning it into one cool very red chair.

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Picture Frame Shelves

Shelves that could be mistaken as a sculptural masterpiece, to hold your finest home essentials! Each shelf has a frame allowing for your treasured items to be displayed in a unique way whilst keeping them safe.

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Greener Pastures Chairs

Once tired office chairs, they've now been given a new life reupholstered in a beautiful soft green wool fabric from Kvadrat. These are some seriously soft chairs, feels like petting your favourite farm animal.

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Shiny Spaceship Table

This little spaceship has taken a break from galactic exploration and would like a nice new home it can relax in. Super shiny and super cute, this side table is sure to stand out.

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The Mirage

Just like it's bigger brother Chromatic chaos, the mirage is going to take you on a colour journey of great proportion despite its smaller size. Moving around this side table will reveal a cluster of coloured light and shadow perfeclty paired with a shiny chrome frame.

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Chromatic Chaos Dining Table

Chromatic Chaos is the best type of chaos. Take a seat at the table to reveal its hidden rainbow. Each seat at the table gets their own unique colour journey thanks to the colour shifting glass. Everything about this table is magic, from colourful shadows to coloured reflections.

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Planet Jatt Sculpture

Just like the planets in the universe this is a one off and never to be repeated moment. When you're feeling lost and stressed, just glance at Planet Jatt and it will remind you the universe is a big place and you get to be a part of that.

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About the Artists

Josh & Matt are an artist couple based in Melbourne. Josh & Matt have a huge love for colour, and love creating all sorts of fun and fresh designs and art for the home! From painting and upcycling to handmade home décor they love to create and experiment with a 'there are no rules' mindset. They often blend their own interests into their art. For example, space and the universe can often be seen throughout their designs as well as animals, shapes & characters. Art and design gave the pair joy during a tough time in lockdown and they are so happy that they get to share it with you all and hope it brings a little more colour and joy into your life.
TikTok: @joshandmattdesign

About the Collection

Introducing Gumtree’s first-ever interiors linecollection, Gumtree Collections with Josh & Matt. With this collection, we want to show you how easy it is to upcycle, and hopefully inspire you to create stylish items that have a positive impact on your home, the planet and your wallet!
The collection includes 25 one-off items in celebration of the 25th anniversary of National Recycling Week. All proceeds from the collection will be donated to Gumtree’s sustainability partner and environmental organisation, Planet Ark, to help them to continue supporting the adoption of a national circular economy through positive programs such as National Recycling Week. So take a look around and see what you think. And if you’re keen on a piece, don’t delay because it won’t last for long. Exact details of each item can be located in the listing description on Gumtree where you can also message us with any questions. Any carbon emissions offset figures quoted are an estimate only, calculated using the Reuse Impact Calculator by Charitable Recycling Australia.