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A fresh new look for Gumtree to celebrate its 10 years – the new look includes a bold rebrand and improved site functionality.

The contemporary design was created with Gumtree’s vibrant community in mind and coincides with enhancements to the user experience, including enhanced interface speed and simplified process for buyers and sellers, 24/7 support and new a payment option.

Gumtree Australia’s new brand and colour palette were inspired by the Australian landscape and designed locally.

As one of the pioneers of the sharing economy, Gumtree’s new brand identity now matches the innovation and development that has been going on behind the scenes over the last decade. This new identity is encapsulated in the new brand proposition: ‘This is Gumtree. Australia’s local marketplace’.

Gumtree celebrates 10th birthday with a fresh new look

Check out the new Gumtree by clicking on the image.

The 10th anniversary has been chosen as the perfect moment to reflect on the brand’s successes, whilst looking to the future. Gumtree is now one of the top shopping apps in Australia and is a top 20 digital destination. The rebrand is now set to drive the company’s ambition to become a top 10 digital destination and Australia’s favourite place to buy, sell and find almost anything.

“This is the most significant step in Gumtree’s 10 years in Australia. As with all changes we make at Gumtree, the rebrand has been driven by user feedback. While we knew our users were ready for a sleeker and more contemporary design, a rebrand has to be more than a new lick of paint. We wanted to ensure we addressed some of the areas our users, and non-users, said could improve their experience on our site and in our community,” said Martin Herbst, General Manager of Gumtree Australia.

Buyers and sellers

Check out Gumtree Cars by clicking on the image.

Alongside the new design, the rebrand accompanies functional changes to the site that improve the experience for buyers and sellers:

1. Technology advances:

  • Improved search functionality and speed, including make, model, colour attribute selection in cars; clothing and shoe size attributions and smart category redirects for certain keywords
  • Speedier selling experience including saved drafts and reminder and a more streamlined selling flow
  • Photo attachment capability on My Messages
  • The launch of a dedicated jobs app.

2. Increased choice with payments:

New option to pay with cash or via peer to peer payments with PayPal, when picking up a Gumtree item.

3. Customer support:

The introduction of 24/7 live chat and greater visibility of the customer community support offering on the site.

We hope you enjoy Gumtree’s fresh new look, take a look today by clicking here.


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