Hanging Plant Pots and Outdoor Lighting Ideas for a Romantic Backyard

Hanging Plant Pots And Outdoor Lighting Ideas For A Romantic Backyard

A romantic picnic or dinner in the comfort of your backyard—this idea has become much more common thanks to the past year in and out of lockdown. If you’re wanting to spend date night in your garden and get some quality time with your significant other or a new flame, browse our guide to the best outdoor decor to “romantify” your backyard.

Pot plants

If you want to create an alluring garden, don’t go past the basics—from cute plant pots to striking statement decorative plant pots, you can transform any space with potted greenery. Hanging plant pots can be a cheap and effective way to connect areas and create a natural feature beside or between pathways and walls. Your hanging plant pots can be potted with hearty creepers likes Devil’s Ivy, which looks the part either reaching down or entwined around a post for an intimate restaurant feel—a romantic retreat at your fingertips.

Keep in mind the plants you’ll use, as this can also affect the overall ambience of your garden. If you’re aiming to create a garden right out of Georgian England, then long flowering plants with deep colours and a subtle fragrance are perfect—roses, daisies or lavender are just a few options for a temperate climate. If you’re wanting to create a more beachside or rainforest-themed garden, especially if you live in tropical Australia, some suitable plants include palms, ferns, frangipani trees and lilies. These are all small elements that will come together to create a relaxing, romantic aura for your next outdoor candlelight dinner at home.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a cheap but effective way to create great lighting designs and ambience in your garden. They can create a starry sky above a roofless sitting area, light up a pathway, or wrap-around vines and poles. If you have a small archway or pergola, hanging fairy lights can make it stand out and complement the look of your little romantic garden perfectly. Fairy lights are great outdoor lighting ideas that can be used in multiple ways and run on either a few batteries or with solar power.

If you want to save some money but don’t have any fairy lights at home, outdoor Christmas lights will work just as well and come in even brighter colours and fun settings.

Candles and decorative outdoor lighting

Candles can create a similar ambience to fairy lights, although you’ll have to be more careful not to leave them unattended or have them lit near any flammable materials. They can be used as great little focal points against the garden backdrop and as more intimate lighting for your picnic or dinner. A romantic dinner date or outdoor movie night isn’t complete without some flickering tealights, which you can put in all sorts of household or garden items: glasses, pots, seashells, you name it! If you’re worried about using candles on a breezy day, opt for some candle glass covers or lanterns or go for the battery-run version. Less romantic but more practical, look for some citronella candles to put outside so that your romantic evening isn’t disturbed by mosquitos.

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