Hit the Road with these Portable Camping Accessories

Hit The Road With These Portable Camping Accessories

Camping and getting into the outdoors is great for relaxing and appreciating nature, but people often think this means leaving behind all the comforts and conveniences they enjoy at home. The truth is, you don’t have to forgo these everyday luxuries entirely. We’ve found the best portable camping accessories to bring some homely comfort along on your next camping trip.

Portable washing machine

Taking a portable washing machine with you when you go camping would be true luxury. Although that’s not quite possible at the moment, there are alternatives. Washing bags are a great alternative to washing machines. It may mean more work and a cold wash for your clothes, but it does give you fresh, clean clothes for the rest of your trip. It works similarly to a washboard, is more effective than hand washing, and is so compact you’ll hardly realise it’s in your luggage.

Portable BBQ

If cooking over a fire isn’t your thing, or it’s too complicated for you, then no stress: the portable BBQ is here to help. Portable BBQ models like the Weber Baby Q are compact enough to fit into a trailer or car and powerful enough to cook a roast or a large breakfast to set you up for a day of fun outdoors. They’re considered much more versatile than a portable gas stove, plus you can set them up and use them in your backyard when you get home.

Portable gazebo

Portable gazebos are practically an essential accessory for any camping trip. They can protect you from the rain, wind and sun and they can be a great place to store your food. There are many portable gazebo options to choose from and they’re all very similar in terms of size and features. It is important to note that a more expensive model will mean more strength in the pole legs and the structure, which is important if you’ll be camping during the winter or in a rather windy spot.

Manual juicer

There are many options for a manual or portable juicer that can be taken camping, and although it does mean more work and less juice being made it’s easier than taking an electric juicer, which requires you to find a power outlet. Hand-held manual juicers are the most common, but there are also models that resemble more of a manual press, where the fruit is inserted and a cup is placed underneath. These can cause a bit of a mess though, if you’re not careful.

Portable shower

Camping showers are one of the best camping accessories you can have—they give you that fresh feeling after a long day of fun and adventure. Camping showers are great if you’re near a water source as this saves you having to supply your own water, and you also have the option to heat the water up, although this will take more time.

If you want to enjoy the pleasures of camping without having to leave behind all the comforts of home, have a look at our extensive range of camping accessories on Gumtree Australia.

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