Honda’s small cars: Explore the range

Honda's Small Cars: Explore The Range

Looking for a car that’s small but packs a punch? When downsizing your vehicle, you want to make sure your new ride has all of the comfort and technology you need, just in a smaller package.

Fortunately, a Honda small car will get you there. Read on to see what the unique brand has to offer or to gauge the kinds of buying points you can highlight if you’re looking to list your Honda on Gumtree.

The Honda Civic

The well-known Honda Civic covers all of your taste bases, available as a hatchback, sedan and coupe.

Civic Sedan

The Civic Sedan is one of Honda’s original styles, launched in 1972. It’s an iconic car, not only in Japan where it was first made, but worldwide. The car carries all the benefits of a sturdy sedan model type—though the sloped roof may be restrictive for taller people compared to other models, which is pretty standard across this small car range. The newest 2021 range ranks top 10 in CarBuzz’s “Sedans With Best MPG of 2021.” Better MPG (miles per gallon) means the Civic Sedan is an excellent choice for those who want to do better for the environment and their wallets (the new tech already inside newer models keeps add-on costs down, too).

Civic Hatchback

A great bonus for a hatchback build is space, especially in the Honda Civic version. This car features a spacious interior, great for both long drives without feeling cramped and excellent boot space. The 2021 hatchback has also collected a perfect score of five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Civic Hatchback would best suit those wanting a zippy vehicle for the city, a family in need of car space or someone’s first vehicle due to its great safety rating.

Civic Coupe

With the 2020 version retailing from around $21,000 to $27,000, the Civic Coupe is equipped with the latest technology to improve your driving experience. This coupe was initially introduced after the Civic Sedan, created to provide a sports car based on the sedan’s reliable model. Pros of this vehicle include its sleek design, responsive driving dynamics and an available 174-horsepower for maximum performance.

The Honda Jazz

If you’re looking for an affordable 5-door hatchback with flare, the Honda Jazz has you covered. This car was first released in 2002, with used yearly models usually ranging from about $2000 to $24,000. The Honda Jazz features impressive storage space and the vehicle is well suited to a city or suburban lifestyle. Despite the base-spec model lacking stability control, the occasional long-haul road trip won’t be damaging to your vehicle’s lifespan.

The Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a sedan that comes in two models—turbo with a 1.5-L engine or hybrid with a 2.0-L engine. This vehicle is well-known for its quality, which is reflected in a reliably high resale price. Like the Honda Civic hatchback, the Accord also scored a five out of five safety rating, making it another excellent choice for those looking for extra reassurance on the road. For a convenient bonus, the latest models feature a wireless phone charging bay.

All of these brilliant Honda vehicles are available on Gumtree Australia, as are the other best small cars available in Australia. If you’re looking to purchase a new small car, make sure you don’t lose the opportunity to see what’s available near you today.

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