How a Small Gazebo Can Add Value to Your Backyard

How A Small Gazebo Can Add Value To Your Backyard

Gazebos are a great asset for any home. They can create additional entertaining areas, add value to your home and provide shelter from the rain and sun in any area within your home’s exterior. If you’re wondering about the multiple uses for small gazebos, then browse our guide to the best ways small gazebos can add value to your home.

Pool gazebos

Pool gazebos are a great way to block UV rays whilst you swim or relax out by the pool. They can also create an entertaining area outside, really connecting your pool to the rest of the house and making for an even more inviting outdoor area.

You can also choose from a lot of different materials and designs to fit into your backyard. It’s important to note that pool gazebos made of wood will require more upkeep than ones made of metal, but they may also provide more character.

Car gazebos

If you want to protect your car against the elements and don’t currently have a carport or garage. Or you need additional covered space for your cars, then a car gazebo could be an effective and cheap solution. Older and smaller houses can lack the space to accommodate all of the cars owned by the household’s occupants, as these houses usually come with garages that only have space for one or two cars. If you’d prefer an extra enclosure over a secure garage, then a car gazebo is the perfect budget option for your home.

Spa gazebos

Spa gazebos are great at enclosing your spa so that it can be used throughout the year, no matter how cold it gets. It is important to find out whether the model you want is completely or partially enclosed, as this can affect the heat that’s kept inside whilst the spa is running.

Spa gazebos made of wood can have a bit more character, but keep in mind that it’s important to make sure you choose a material that won’t wear easily due to the elevated levels of moisture and condensation created by the spa.

Outdoor entertaining gazebos

Outdoor entertaining gazebos are great at extending your outdoor entertaining areas. They can also create relaxing and sheltered places outside so you can enjoy some fresh air without having to worry about harmful UV rays and can potentially add value to your home.

There are many different designs for you to choose from, and the materials that the gazebo is made out of will change the atmosphere it provides. Wood, metal, and even the incorporation of vines and plants are possible when choosing the perfect small gazebo for your outdoor entertaining area.

There are also gazebo kits for sale, which are usually simple in design and construction. They are like a flat pack version of a small gazebo, being easy enough to set up between two people—they’re usually a slightly cheaper option as well.

If you’ve decided you want to find the right small gazebo for your needs, then browse the many gazebos for sale at Gumtree Australia today.

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