How Floor Rugs Can Boost the Look of Your Home

How Floor Rugs Can Boost The Look Of Your Home

Floor rugs can be a fun and inexpensive way to change the look and feel of a room or outdoor space. They can make cleaning quicker and easier and even change the acoustics of a room. Read on to find out how to choose a rug that will add style and function to your home decor.

Flooring trends—where can rugs be useful?

Hard permanent flooring types are becoming standard in contemporary homes. Polished concrete, tiles, timber and bamboo are being chosen for their durability, sometimes affordability, and ease of cleaning and maintenance. Rugs can be used to soften hard flooring and protect high-wear areas.

If you have children at your place, rugs can be a safety asset—protecting the little ones if they fall and helping prevent glass or crockery breakages. If you have wall-to-wall carpets, you can use floor rugs in high-wear areas—a new rug is usually cheaper than installing new carpets. Whatever your flooring type, non-slip rug pads are a good investment to keep rugs in place and reduce trip hazards.

Choosing the right rug for you—which material, colour or pattern?

Try changing it up with the seasons: bright cotton throw rugs are perfect for summer, whereas a warm, darker-toned shag pile or sheepskin rug will be comfortable in cooler months. Synthetic materials that can be taken outside and hosed or power-washed could be your best option for areas used for children’s art activities or pet beds.

Rugs in solid colours can make a statement by either contrasting with or complementing the your existing decor. If you are selling your home, smaller rugs or rugs that match the floor can make a room seem more spacious. Patterned rugs are great for cosiness but could make a room feel cluttered, depending on other furniture.

What about size, shape & placement?

A floor rug often works best when it reflects the shape of the room or the furniture that it is paired with. That’s not to say that you can’t make a bold statement with a fabulously curvy table on an angular rug—there are countless options. A square rug in a long thin room can define different areas; for example, to break it up into different spaces like a reading corner or dressing area. Round rugs can be a great focal point and a handy solution for awkwardly-sized rooms.

A rug that covers most of the available space is called an area rug. If you’re after a more opulent look, try one of these in your living room and arrange your sofas and armchairs on top. If your living room rug or budget is on the smaller side, cover the area where people rest their feet to maximise comfort. Feature rugs can be layered over larger cheap rugs—a more economical option. This works for your bedroom too: If a rug is not big enough to surround the entire bed, you can place it squarely beneath the lower legs, or use multiple rugs to accentuate other furniture.

Try some different configurations and find what you like best. You could change things up by swapping rugs from room to room. Whichever style you decide on, Gumtree has a wide range of floor rugs for sale in all regions.

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