How the Right Flower Arrangements Can Make Any Home More Beautiful

How The Right Flower Arrangements Can Make Any Home More Beautiful

Flowers are a versatile and inexpensive way to add a welcoming touch to any space. There are plenty of styling options ranging from a simple vase of fresh-cut flowers to dried flower arrangements and other decorative accessories. Read on for some creative hints and tips for achieving the look and feel you want.

Fresh cut, dried or artificial?

If you have garden or pot space, plants can supply you with seasonal blooms to work with. Fresh flowers bring nature indoors and can enhance the atmosphere of your home—a welcome refreshment in the current context of COVID-19. If you prefer something with more longevity or are concerned about pets eating your arrangements, modern artificial flower arrangements can be surprisingly realistic. Have you ever smelled silk flowers before realising they weren’t real?

Dried seed pods can also be used as a long-lasting element, either natural or painted. Native flower arrangements often feature partially dried proteas and banksias that are more enduring than fresh flowers. Preserved or everlasting flowers can also be impressive: Preserved flower arrangements can last from one to three years, lasting longer if kept out of direct sunlight, wind and humidity. Dried flower arrangements do need the occasional clean as they can collect dust. For a less realistic but equally beautiful option, paper craft flower arrangements can brighten up any space.

Styling ideas for different sizes and spaces

You might already have a few favourite vases and bowls, but it’s even better to have a selection of sizes and shapes for different arrangements. Low bowls are great for table flower arrangements or near windows. Round pots suit simple bunches. Small vases can complement your bathroom windowsill or add a sensual touch to your bedroom.

Large vases on the floor are a fantastic way to make a statement but require a suitably large arrangement to match. Big leaves or dried grasses and stems are often used to surround and enhance floral features. The Japanese fine art of Ikebana involves stylised and striking arrangements that could provide you with some inspiration.

Unleash your inner creativity

Feel free to get creative: Collect some vases that you like and find unique elements to match. A home office should be conducive to productivity, so try making an arrangement that will inspire. Walls can be filled with flat, artistic craft flowers or hanging pots.

Flowers are great for special occasions—but why wait for one? With inexpensive sources and a bit of flair, even a few simple stems can have an everyday impact. Living flower arrangements are a new trend, and can be made in test tube stands or glass jars, among other things. For example, the water lotus flowers prolifically and can make a tranquil addition to an indoor water garden. For more ideas, check out our guide to DIY vertical hanging gardens.

Flower arrangements can be a great way to bring a fresh feeling into your home without making any major changes to your decor. You can find fresh-cut flowers and realistic artificial ones on Gumtree Australia, as well as vases, bowls and other accessories. If you want to learn more before making a decision, you’ll find plenty of books on the subject too.

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