How to Add a Small Swimming Pool to Any Backyard

How To Add A Small Swimming Pool To Any Backyard

Think your backyard is too small for your own private pool? There are actually benefits to having a small yard when adding a new pool. Pools go up in price by size, so your small backyard could turn into an unexpected blessing with loads of small swimming pool options for less. We share our top picks for small swimming pools that work in any backyard.

Portable pools for cooling off anywhere

Portable pools have come a long way since the earlier days of plastic poles and inflatable nightmares. There are lots of low-cost portable swimming pool styles that look just as good as more expensive custom pools when complemented with the right accessories and landscaping.

Cheap swimming pools include above-ground fibreglass pools—you’ll need to pay a swimming pool installer to set these up unless you’re proficient at DIY, but you’ll end up with an impressive above-ground pool that can move with you when needed.

For babies and small children, you can also get custom moulded fibreglass pools with safety features for when your bub graduates from their baby swimming pool.

It also pays to invest in the right swimming pool fence for safety as well as swimming pool covers to keep your pool clean and minimise water loss.

If you’re looking for an even lower-cost option, try a vinyl above-ground pool—very portable and with the right styling it can be made to feel luxurious

Upgrading to a small in-ground pool

If you’re looking to get an in-ground pool to make the most of your small yard while maximising your property value, you’re in luck— smaller pools are typically cheaper than their family-sized recreational pool counterparts and can be designed to fit into smaller corners or less usable spaces in your yard.

Have a narrow section on one side of your house? A lap pool is the perfect addition for cooling off while you get a bit of exercise. Also perfect for cooling off is a plunge pool, which makes up for its typically small surface area with enough depth for you to be fully submerged. Plunge pools also double as great backyard water features when fitted with decorative pool filters, fencing or stairs.

Deck out your pool area with stylish pool accessories

Wondering what to do with all of the money you’ve saved getting a smaller pool? You can’t go wrong with an assortment of stylish pool accessories and a beautified outdoor area to relax in after your next dip. Find multi-purpose furniture, like benches, ottomans or stools, that looks great and can save space by serving both as poolside seating and as your outdoor dining table with some clever arrangement.

You can also go for an even more upscale look with the right swimming pool lights and matching garden lighting. There are multi-colour LED lighting options for inside the pool and out to make your pool a real backyard statement.

You really can have your own private pool at home, no matter how big your backyard is. If you’re ready to start the search for your ideal swimming pool, we have plenty of professional swimming pool builders and designers on Gumtree.

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