How to Build your Dream Home Theatre Lounge

How To Build Your Dream Home Theatre Lounge

Building a home theatre lounge can add to your home’s resale value and is a luxury add-on for the whole family to enjoy. If you’re considering a home theatre lounge but don’t know where to start, browse our guide on what to consider when making your own movie theatre at home.

How to soundproof a home theatre room

Soundproofing your home theatre lounge is a crucial step—it means fewer disturbances to others in the home and to your neighbours, especially if it’s placed in the centre of an open-plan space. Some simple ways to soundproof your home theatre lounge include carpets, sound panels or drapes, which are all sound-damping objects.

The perfect lighting for your home theatre lounge

If you want to take your home theatre lounge to the next level, lighting is the way to go. A dimming light can make a complete change in the atmosphere of the room—you could even install LEDs to create a pathway exactly like a movie theatre! Consider your personal home theatre room design preferences and the atmosphere you want to create. Remember that you may want to limit the number of reflective objects and lights in the room, keeping it dark and creating a more realistic, intimate cinema feel.

Choosing a projector or TV for your home theatre lounge

When creating your dream home theatre lounge you’ll have a choice between a TV or projector screen. It may not seem like a big choice, but it can make all the difference to the viewer experience. A TV will generally have better definition and image-quality options in comparison to a projector but will cost more the bigger you go. A projector is a more cost-effective option, though be conscious of its placement as many projectors create noise while running.

How to choose the right seating for a home theatre lounge

Home theatre seating is an important aspect when creating a luxurious and immersive home theatre lounge. There’s the option to buy multiple couches large enough to fit a group of people, or you can go all out with authentic theatre chairs. If you want to create a traditional luxurious theatre, you’ll want classic single-seated chairs with cup holders and recliners (and maybe even a slushie machine or popcorn maker for the kitchen!).

The right speakers and sounds systems for your home theatre lounge

Home theatre sound is a big decision when building your dream home theatre. It can make your experience even better or just subpar. For most people who build their own home theatres, surround sound speakers are a must. But if your home theatre specifications are smaller than average, or if fancy speaker systems aren’t in your budget, a good quality soundbar can do the job. This might not create the immersive experience of a theatre, but it will still be a big step up from your TV speakers.

If you feel like you’ve got the basics down and want to start building your dream home theatre lounge, browse the options on Gumtree Australia and explore the home theatre packages available.

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