How to Find the Best Insurance Plan for Your Car

How To Find The Best Insurance Plan For Your Car

Car insurance may seem like a big expense, especially if you’re a new driver. However, accidents can happen, and unless you can afford to pay outright for the damage costs (which can lie in the thousands), a good car insurance policy can save you. How do you know what plan is the best for you? This guide will go over the primary process, policies and other information to keep in mind when searching for a new budget car insurance policy.

The process

1. You may want to research different policies and providers before calling up and locking into one company. If you shop around and compare options, you’ll find you can save yourself a lot of money over the long term.

2. After your research has been done and you think you’ve found the best and more affordable brand and policy for your car, you can go online or call up your provider and begin signing up for your new policy.

3. It’s a good idea to make sure your insurance policy is active before you drive your new car home—accidents can happen at any time.

Types of insurance on offer

There are three basic policy types: third-party property damage insurance, third-party fire and theft insurance and comprehensive car insurance.

Third-party property damage insurance—the cheapest policy option

Third-party property damage insurance insures against damage you cause to another vehicle. It doesn’t protect you against theft or damage caused to your car. This policy is best suited for those who want a more economical insurance option.

Third-party fire and theftthe midrange option

This option includes third-party property damage insurance and also covers you if your own car is stolen or burned. It’s best suited for those who want more coverage but don’t want to pay for the more expensive option of comprehensive insurance, and for those who are concerned about the coverage of the other car in case of an accident, not so much their own.

Comprehensive car insurance—the premium option

Comprehensive car insurance policies offer the most protection for your car. They cover everything included in the two options above and more. Coverage might include damage to property, vandalism, weather events—and in some cases, hire cars and emergency accommodation. Most importantly, comprehensive insurance covers your car and any damage done to it in the case of an accident. This premium option is best suited for those who don’t mind paying a bit extra to cover their new car entirely.

It’s essential to note that the type of car you have purchased may affect the cost of your policy. For example, insurance for sports models or vintage cars will often cost a little more because of the increased value of the car. Your age, credit score and any driving offences could also have an impact. Lastly, dash cams can record evidence in the case of an accident, which can be useful when it comes to claiming your insurance.

Now that you know all the tips to find the best Australian car insurance, you can begin your next task of finding a car on Gumtree Australia.

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