How to Find the Best Juicer for Your Kitchen

How To Find The Best Juicer For Your Kitchen

Juicing has become popular across the globe as people have become more health-conscious. It’s become a ritual for many in the morning, as an easy, healthy and inexpensive alternative to bottled juice. But with so many models and types of juicers, which is the best juicer for your home? We’ve created a guide to explain the four most popular types of juicers so you can find your perfect match.

Handheld and hand juicers

Hand-held or hand juicers are the original models, and generally the best when needing small quantities of juice. There are a few different types within this category, including a small handheld juicer that you generally use for cooking (which can come in single or larger sizes) and models that resemble a manual juice press. These are great for people who only want an occasional glass of juice or to use fresh juice in their cooking.

Centrifugal force juicer or fast juicer

This type of juicer machine is one of the more popular, simply because they cost less than other types of electric juicer machines. These juicers work the fastest and usually have a wider chute to fit larger ingredients without the need to chop them up prior. Although it does work faster, it isn’t the most efficient type of juicer at separating the pulp from the liquid. Fast juicers are typically suited for people who want instant juice in small batches or an easy-to-clean juicer.

Masticating juicer or slow juicer

Slow juicers use a slower gear than other models to crush fruits and vegetables, allowing the juice to be made at a lower temperature. Slow juicers are also known as cold press juicers (even though there’s no press involved). These models have a small chute, which means prep is needed beforehand and a bit of clean-up is required, too. But they make a juice that will stay fresher for longer, as well as nut milks and frozen sorbets.

Juice press or two-stage juicer

A hydraulic or pneumatic juice press is said to be the best type of juicer you can buy. It can keep juice fresh for up to five days, gives you the most nutrients out of all types of juicers and creates little to no foam on top of your juice. These models are also called two-stage juicers because they act in two stages. First, your ingredients will be ground down into a pulp and squeezed by the juice press. The resulting fresh juice will then be extracted under the heavy force of the press into your cup. Juice presses are the best option for those who make juice every day and want to ensure they’re getting the most nutrients possible.

Citrus juicer

Although citrus juicers are somewhat similar to a hand juicer, they’re specifically made for citrus fruits. A citrus juicer is usually an electric juicer but can also be manual. They are generally more suited to those who need a larger amount of juice than a handheld model can easily make. Citrus juicers are generally the cheaper option on the market, but you’re limited to only juicing citrus fruits.

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