How to make $3,000 on Gumtree in a month

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If you’ve ever felt that you “needed” all the things that don’t really fit in your house, then read on for Sara’s* story; a great example of how to make $3,000 on Gumtree in a month.

A single mum with a four year old, Sara* is a regular Gummie who frequently buys and sells on Gumtree. As a former journalist, she was the recipient of quite a few valuable items that she reviewed and then stored away. But having recently made a resolution to live a frugal life, Sara* decided to sell everything she hadn’t used in the previous three months; and this included all her stored “treasures”.

Sara* began by making a list of all the items she planned to sell on Gumtree, she researched to see what price she was likely to get for each, and she took great photos to show off her prized possessions in the best light. Her mission to clear out her house and her organised approach earned Sara* more than $3,000 in a month.

You can take the same approach that Sara* took. Sell all your unused furniture, clothing, electronics, and many other items on Gumtree. You could probably find something to sell in almost every room in your house.

Nick Scali leather lounge $2,200 (RRP $4,000)
Image credit: Gumtree user

In the living room – you might have outgrown that old lounge, but someone else might consider it fresh and new.

Freedom Cancun buffet $700 (RRP $1,299)
Image credit: Gumtree user

In the formal dining room – This solid buffet may have been “perfect” last year but now you want something new. We’re all entitled to change our minds.

Boori Collection cot/bed $140 (RRP $900)
Image credit: Gumtree user
Boori cot
In the kids’ room – There is a baby out there that will sleep soundly in your well-loved Boori cot bed when it’s time for your little one to move up to the big bed.

5-piece patio dining set $325 (RRP $599)
Image credit: Gumtree user
5-piece patio set
Out on the balcony – You might be clearing out for winter and it might be time for your sweet old dining set to move to a new owner too.

Queen bedroom set $300 (RRP $1,580)
Image credit: Gumtree user
queen bed
In the bedroom – Do you have a spare bedroom or bed set waiting to be sold in the garage?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 64GB $650 (RRP $999)
Image credit: Gumtree user
samsung galaxy
In the office – An upgrade to a new phone plan for you might mean an incredible bargain for someone who’s still a few models behind.

8-seater rattan dining table $800 (RRP $1,800)
Image credit: Gumtree user

In the dining room – Sometimes moving home means we have to farewell old favourites.

Shabby chic coffee table $125 (RRP $249)
Image credit: Gumtree user
shabby chic coffee table
In the family room – Shabby chic never seems to go out of style even if it may no longer be your style.

Kwila lounger $120 (RRP $499)
Image credit: Gumtree user
kwila lounger
In the garden – This beautiful lounger will give its new owner hours of relaxation in a sunny corner of the garden.

*name has been changed for user anonymity

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