How to Make an Instagram-Worthy Backyard with Outdoor Lighting

How To Make An Instagram-Worthy Backyard With Outdoor Lighting

The right outdoor lighting can make your backyard look a million dollars for much less. You don’t always need to be handy around the house or an electrician either—some of these lights can be installed without a tradie, turning your backyard into a place of magic. Here’s how!

Types of outdoor lighting

There are lighting options for every part of your outdoor area. Here are some of the most popular:

Outdoor solar lights An eco-friendly option ideal to light up your garden, pergola or pathway.

Outdoor sensor lights These security lights turn on when motion is detected, giving you and your family peace of mind.

Outdoor garden lights These cool flickering lights have stakes that go into the ground giving you maximum effect for minimal effort.

Outdoor wall lights These lights are attached to the wall to light up your outdoor world.

Post lanterns Rustic, vintage or ultra-modern, these cool lanterns light your way.

Inground lights The lights are installed into the ground. They are flush with the ground and illuminate gardens and paths.

Outdoor ceiling lights Ideal for your outdoor ceiling or wall these help to light up your back garden.

Along with a little creative landscaping, these lighting options will definitely give you an Instagram-worthy backyard. You will look like a creative genius!

Choosing your lighting

Before you make a decision on your lighting think about what you are wanting it for. Is it for practical purposes or decorative, or a little of both?

Consider the look you are setting out to achieve. If you have parties often, you may opt for some decorative lighting. Or if you have a beautiful garden you may wish to show it off by illuminating the backyard with LED lighting, lanterns or fairy lights. Outdoor solar lights add charm, are eco-friendly, light up your garden, and help you find your way in the dark. They can be installed easily in next to no time. Creating an Instagram-worthy backyard is easier than you may think!

Our budget-friendly picks

There are lots to choose from out there but when it comes to affordability and effect, it is hard to go past these two options.

Pathway lights These lights give great effect at bargain-basement prices. Generally coming in packs of eight, 10 or 12, this form of outdoor garden lighting comes with tubes and ground spikes and are often run with rechargeable batteries. The effect is striking when used on garden paths and patios, giving a real wow factor.

LED lighting Choose from gorgeous fairy LED lights, string lights, led strip lights, flood lamps and more. Led lighting can add spectacular lighting effects to your garden for a song. These will definitely make your garden Insta-worthy.

There are many functional, practical and decorative lighting ideas online. Light up your world with affordable outdoor lighting from Gumtree!

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