How to Refresh Every Room in Your Home

How To Refresh Every Room In Your Home

Spending a lot of time at home lately? Now’s the time to make small changes to your decor to keep your house and your spirit lively. We share our top room decor ideas for making every space in your house better—from home office tips to keeping your home freshly scented and adding greenery for more zen.

Work better with these home office hacks

If you’re still working remotely from your dining table, you could be wearing out both your dining room chairs and your back—time to invest in a few home office decor ideas to maximise productivity and comfort while you work.

Even if your home doesn’t have an office space or study, you can make a dedicated working area in another room or space in your home to keep focused. Room dividers, screens and partitions can keep you in the zone (while keeping others out of it). While a supportive chair and a good-quality desk are a must, make sure you also think about your health and wellbeing by adding fun desk accessories or motivating artwork such as a photo of your favourite place nearby.

Clear your mind with greenery for every room

Plants are one of the easiest ways to literally freshen the air in your home. There is a perfect plant for every room of every home—from low-maintenance indoor potted plants to small hobby gardens that fit on balconies as well as in small backyards.

If you’re not much of a ‘green thumb’, indoor plants that don’t need much care such as yuccas or lady palms are perfect. Looking for a low-maintenance floral option? Serene orchids or beautiful bromeliads work in every room of the house. Turn your kitchen bench into a second pantry with a small herb garden, or try a window box on a sunny window sill.

Stay calm with fresh scents

Plants are not the only way to keep your home smelling fresh as a daisy. There are loads of air freshener options such as diffusers, scented candles and oil burners to keep your home cosy and looking stylish. Pick your favourite essential oils and distribute them through every room in the house for health benefits, too.

Another way to keep your house smelling fresh? Make sure there’s nothing that smells less than perfect, undoing your air-freshening effort. Replace old rugs and towels which can retain a slight odour if they’re not kept in a well-ventilated area. Freshen or regularly replace pet bedding and accessories so both you and your furry friends stay healthy.

Inspiring artwork for the soul

Artwork can elevate your home and keep you feeling inspired—and it’s also inexpensive to switch up regularly to keep your home on-trend. Statement pieces such as paintings, black and white photography or vintage collectables can add interesting elements to your home and are a great way to reflect your personality in your surroundings.

Even small changes to your room decor can make your home life better. If you’re ready to make bigger changes to your home, find out how you can tidy up and make money with Gumtree.

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