How to renovate a desk for the kids

How To Renovate A Desk For The Kids

“Buying second hand is a great way to create a unique look for your home that can’t be found anywhere else – and it helps the environment”

Kyal and Kara Demmrich

Kyal and Kara began renovating over 8 years ago when they purchased their first home. Fast forward a few years, and they’ve completed two reality renovation television shows, run a successful design & construction business and are regulars on Network 10’s The Living Room.

Over the past three years alone, Kyal and Kara have project-managed, designed or completed over 28 renovation projects. It’s what they’re passionate about!

Did you know?

  • Australians have approximately 25 unwanted or unused items per household
  • Gumtree has more than 600,000 Home and Garden listings on the site at any one time – 200,000 for furniture
  • Plus 265,000 more listings for Baby and Children!
  • Australians believe the main benefits of buying and selling items second hand are; lower prices/saving money (72%), reduces waste by recycling useful items (66%), the ability to cash in and make money (53%) and to find something unique (35%)
  • 31% of Aussies prefer to buy home décor and furniture second hand
  • Buyers estimate they’ve saved almost half the cost (43%) of what they would have paid brand new – by buying second hand

See how easy it is to renovate a kid’s desk

Kyal and Kara’s top tips for renovating

1. Keep an open mind

You can always make things unique to your style. Upcycling can be as simple as painting, sanding or upholstering – but you can always add your own features. (Like we did with the kid’s desk)

2. Think outside the box

Maybe a ladder is better used as an indoor plant stand or an antique oven as a storage space? Use your imagination and you’ll find gems everywhere.

3. Keep searching

Don’t give up after your first search. There are tens of thousands of second hand items being listed on Gumtree for sale every day. Expand your search area. It’s great when you find something local. But if you’re after real gems, you need to be willing to go the extra distance to find them

4. Try listing

You can list almost everything and anything! We often have leftover building materials and people are genuinely stoked to pick up a bargain for their own home renovations.

Browse from more than 600,000 Home and Garden Listings

Browse from more than 200,000 Furniture Listings

Browse from more than 265,000 Baby and Children Listings

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