How to shop responsibly this Black Friday


This time of year can be very stressful. End-of-year deadlines, high expectations of the festive season, the rising cost of household expenses and uncertainty about the future can really put a downer on what’s known as party season in Australia.

It’s also an expensive time of year, with more and more Australians taking advantage of the Black Friday sales to prep for Christmas shopping.

Cashing in on the unused or unwanted items in your home can provide a financial boost at a crucial time as well as soothe the mental stress that comes from living with clutter.

Waste not, want not

According to Gumtree research into the Second Hand economy, nearly nine in ten Australians (87 percent) have items around the home that they neither want nor need.

Clothing, books, toys and electronics are among the things Australians hang onto long past the point where they need or want them.

These unwanted items are estimated to be worth $5,378 per household. This suggests that many are missing out on potentially making thousands of dollars from the sale of items they no longer need.

November rain

Black Friday sales have seen November usurp December in Australia as the month with the highest retail value.

Many people use the sales as an opportunity to get a good deal on their Christmas gifts, and shockingly, $29 billion of credit card debt was accumulated by Australians during this period last year.

Australians started 2019 with an average credit card debt of $1800 each, a result of frenzied spending from Black Friday sales onwards.

No one needs to start their new year with debt, and keeping track of your spending and setting a budget limit can help.

Selling unused or unwanted items on Gumtree can go some way to offsetting this debt, ensuring that you don’t start the new year on the back foot.

Clearing the decks

There’s growing evidence to suggest that clutter in our homes contributes negatively to our mental health.

Among those with unwanted items in their home, the average number held onto is 23, but more than one in five have 40 or more items that they don’t use or want. Selling these items can grant you mental space as well as physical space and can be a tangible way to destress before the holidays.

The items Australians prefer to buy second hand are books (37 percent), cars (26 percent), home décor and furniture (24 percent), clothing, shoes and accessories (24 percent), collectibles and antiques (22 percent), and games and toys (19 percent).

Life’s fast pace isn’t going to let up, but by selling your unwanted and unused items, you don’t have to let your consumption consume you.

Ready to save money and mental space?

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