How to upgrade to the latest tech

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Cashing in on your old tech and buying second hand is an easy way to help upgrade to the latest gadgets.”

Trevor Long

Trevor is a Technology Commentator, Dad, Speaker and Gadget guru. He produces and hosts two popular podcasts, EFTM and Two Blokes Talking Tech.

He also appears on over 50 radio stations across Australia weekly and is the resident Tech Expert on Channel 9’s TODAY Show each day and appears regularly on A Current Affair. Father of three, he is often found down in his Man Cave.

Did you know?

  • 47% of Aussies have unwanted electronics in the home they could be selling
  • Gumtree has around 200,000 Electronics and Computer listings on the site at any one time!
  • Online is by far the most popular way to sell second hand goods with 88% of those who have sold second hand items in the past year, selling online
  • Australians believe the main benefits of buying and selling items second hand are; lower prices/saving money (72%) and the ability to cash in and make money (53%)

See how to upgrade to the latest tech with Gumtree:

Trevor’s top tips for second hand electronics:

  1. Think ahead

When you buy a new item, think about its second life there and then. Protect the device and preserve the original packaging. This adds huge value at resale time.

      2. Timing

It’s all about timing. Capitalise on trends in tech. The price of last year’s Smartphones should drop as soon as the next generation is announced.

      3. Try second hand

If you’re not 100% sure you need new tech, second hand is a great way to see how trends like voice-activated assistants (Google Home) might fit into your lifestyle.

      4. Video demonstration

Ask for a video demonstration. Get a recording of the device working in action to ensure everything is in order. Ask to see things like a working bluetooth connection or speed of the device.

Browse from more than 200,000 Electronics and Computer Listings

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