Hybrid Cars vs Electric Cars: Which Is Right For You, Your Family And The Planet In 2020?

Hybrid Cars Vs Electric Cars

With electric cars and hybrids coming in all shapes, sizes, specs and budgets, we’ve broken down the key differences so you don’t have to. Compare hybrid vs electric cars and important features such as environmental impact, city driving and reliability. With advances in vehicle technology happening every day, we’ll check out how you can save money and help the environment.

Which is better for the environment?

Everyone has been quick to question hybrid vs electric cars’ environmental impact since they stormed onto the market in the 2000s. Vehicles that run even partially on electricity attract their fair share of criticisms, from production concerns to the efficiency of electricity generation. So just how environmentally friendly are electric cars vs hybrid cars?

In 2020, with more homes in Australia generating their own solar power than ever before, large electricity suppliers offering cost-effective carbon-neutral options, and free charging stations using clean energy popping up across the country in urban areas (check your local council website for info), electric cars are finally making environmental sense. Even a really efficient hybrid car is still producing some emissions, so if you really care about the future of the planet, an electric option should be your go-to.

Spend less at the car yard, without the unexpected bills

Think hybrid or electric cars don’t come in your price range? Worried about bill shock at the servo, or the letterbox when your electricity bill arrives? The good news is advances in both hybrid and electric cars have reduced both your upfront investment and your ongoing running costs.

With the price of petrol well over $1 per litre in most Australian states, electric cars are the clear winner for lower lifetime costs, but you can expect to pay less at the dealership for an affordable hybrid car. Major car brands in Australia now sport at least one hybrid or electric model in their range. Looking for a cheaper option? Check out the all-electric Hyundai IONIQ for a great package at a wallet-friendly price. Want to start at the top? Since launching over 15 years ago, Tesla has redefined the vehicle market.

Hybrid cars vs electric cars for every lifestyle

Even with the huge advances that nearly 20 years of research and development has produced, there are still challenges for people converting to these types of cars. If you’re spending most of your time commuting around town, any modern electric or hybrid option will have you covered. However, if your lifestyle leans towards getting off-road, hybrid models offer a combination of electric and combustion engine.

If you still want to enjoy the great outdoors, protect the environment and lower your bills, a hybrid is a great option in 2020. For a car with towing capacity and ample room, check out the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

Whether you decide on a hybrid or an electric car, you’re definitely making life better for your wallet, your family and the future. Now that you’ve decided which works better for you, consider these great used hybrid and electric car options.

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