Ideas to Refresh Your Kitchen on a Budget

7 Ideas To Refresh Your Kitchen On A Budget

Tired of your old kitchen but can’t afford a complete overhaul? You can love the heart of your home again with these easy kitchen ideas to refresh and modernise your space. We’ll show you how a few inexpensive changes can rejuvenate a dated kitchen and make you feel like you’ve walked into a show homeall on a shoestring budget.

1. Add a coat of paint

You’ll be amazed at what a coat of paint can do. One of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to refresh your kitchen is with a pop of new colour or a shift to a more stylish monochromatic scheme. Use this opportunity to fix any small holes or dents, so surfaces feel like new. Best of all? You can do it yourself or hire an affordable professional painter if you’re not confident.

2. Change your cupboard doors and other fixtures

Just like a coat of paint, a fresh set of cupboard doors and drawers can make a huge difference to the feel of your kitchen. Use a new colour for some added vibrancy, or add some glass-fronted doors to display your favourite kitchen accessories and appliances.

3. Modernise your large kitchen appliances

Even a modern kitchen looks dated with old appliances. Give your kitchen a boost and save money by shopping around for high-quality used items like fridges, dishwashers, ovens, or cooktopsor use this opportunity to replace and coordinate all of them for that planned, designer look. While stainless steel has been all the rage for decades, many new appliances come in trendy colours to give your kitchen distinctive style.

4. Update your plumbing

Large island benches are at the centre of most dream kitchens. If you haven’t got the space or budget for an island bench, some small changes to existing benchtops can add a similar feeling of luxury. Try updating your sink and tapware for a fresh new contemporary look.

5. Get some funky designer appliances

Nothing says modern kitchen like the latest designer benchtop appliances. Think you can’t afford that KitchenAid blender or fancy Delonghi Coffee Machine? There are plenty of used options available, and they can be an inexpensive way to get more enjoyment from your kitchen space while making it look better. Make sure to pair your coffee machine with some stylish cups and mugs to complete the look.

6. Update the simple, small things

Even simple things like knives, forks and plates can make your kitchen feel boring and unloved. Changing a few items progressively can renew your kitchen-love, and it’s a great, cheap way to get small wins as you save for higher-cost changes. Replace your dinnerware and cutlery with complete matching or coordinated sets, donate or sell any old stuff that’s still serviceable, and enjoy the feeling of starting your journey to your future dream kitchen.

7. Decorate for the right ambience

While many kitchens are perceived as working spaces only, you can add both functional and fun decorations to bring your space to life. If you’re looking for a modern, Scandinavian feel for your kitchen, add timber kitchen accessories such as cutting boards, coasters or placemats around your kitchen for that natural feel. Pair a statement artwork with a new dining set in the same hue to bring everything together for a coordinated look.

You can design your dream kitchen today, on any budget. If you’re exploring a full kitchen makeover, we’ve also got kitchen renovators and carpenters who can help on Gumtree.

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