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Monday 10 August, 2020

VIC Trading Update

We encourage all Gummies in Metro Melbourne to continue listing items for sale, browsing the site and adding items that you’re interested in to your Watchlist by tapping the heart on the listing.

However, in order to do your bit to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we urge you not to arrange to meet face-to-face to trade at this time. This is in accordance with Government guidance.

You can try door-to-door delivery services like Sendle. Find out more about Sendle’s exclusive $1 shipping offer for Gumtree users here. T&Cs apply.

As this is an evolving situation, we’ll continue to update our community with relevant guidance and safety precautions. If you need help with anything on Gumtree, you can search our Help Centre. If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can Contact Us online.

Gumtree Safe Trading Tips

The health and safety of our community is always our number one priority. Your fellow Gummies are your neighbours, friends and people just like you. Be transparent and respectful in every dealing.

Gumtree is still a practical way to buy and sell goods and services due to its typical one-on-one interactions, helping avoid the crowds of shopping centres.

Our best advice is to avoid direct contact and distance yourself by following our safe trading tips:

Tip #1 : Wash hands & wear a mask

If you need to meet in-person, wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap, or use an alcohol-based rub, before and after every Gumtree exchange. We also recommend you wear a mask.

Tip #2: Clean items

Whether you’re buying or selling, clean items as per product care instructions or with regular household cleaners. When holding a car inspection have the vehicle ready at a convenient location, cleaning the keys, steering wheel and console.

Tip #3: Do a video inspection

To reduce physical contact, offer or request a virtual inspection of an item. Avoid filters and aim for daylight.

Tip #4: Contactless trade

Add the ‘Contactless Trade’ badge to your listings to remind the community you are following current COVID-19 safety precautions. Remember to maintain safe social distancing of 1.5m, and consider leaving clean items in an accessible area ready to exchange. Take photos and message clear instructions of the area or organise doorstep drops at a mutually agreed time.

Tip #5: Try delivery 

To facilitate contactless trade you can use door-to-door delivery services like Sendle for smaller items. As an essential service, Sendle has ensured its operations are in line with COVID-19 measures implemented by the federal and state governments.

Find out more about Sende’s exclusive $1 shipping offer for Gumtree users here. T&Cs apply.

Tip #6 : Schedule a personalised car dealer visit

To minimise physical contact, we encourage you to make a personalised appointment time with car dealers, or request a virtual inspection. Many dealerships are still trading with sales staff flexible to arrange alternative options, should you prefer not to attend the dealership in person.

Tip #7: Rate, don’t shake

The best way to reduce the spread of germs and disease is to keep your hands clean and avoid direct contact and maintain 1.5m social distancing where possible. So instead of the classic handshake, rate your interaction on Gumtree, or simply give a wave or thumbs up.

Tip #8: Pay & be paid with PayPal

We recommend using contactless digital payments for Gumtree transactions where possible. PayPal is a Gumtree partner – it’s easy to connect PayPal to your Gumtree account. Remember to inform your fellow Gummies you’d like contactless payment when negotiating the price.

Tip #9: Act responsibly

Consider the wellbeing of the community and stay home if you or one of your family/friends are sick. Simply pause your listing or delay your purchase until everyone in your household is better.

We will continue to take the lead of the World Health Organization and the Australian Government and update our safe trading tips as needed.

Friday 31 July, 2020

Gumtree Policy Updates

To ensure users aren’t capitalising on misfortune of the current health crisis or putting younger children at risk, we’re temporarily banning the listings of toddler and baby face masks, including any mention of smaller sizing of children’s face masks for under two year-olds.

This follows as the Victorian Department of Health announced that children under the age of two shouldn’t be wearing masks due to choking and strangulation risks. See further information here.

This is in addition to the temporary ban on listings for health care masks including N95/N100 and surgical masks, hand sanitiser/gel, disinfecting wipes and toilet paper which was implemented on Friday 20 March and the update of banning disposable medical protection gowns and gloves on Wednesday 8 April.

Updated list of banned items:

  • Toilet paper
  • Health care and surgical masks including N95/N100
  • Children’s face masks for under two year olds
  • Hand sanitiser/gel
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Disposable medical protection gowns & gloves

We encourage users to continue to flag any ads they deem incorrect, misleading or deceptive to our Help Desk team including those that breach our updated Policies and Terms of Use.

Monday 1 June, 2020

Important information regarding safely trading pets on Gumtree

Scamwatch has recently reported an increase in puppy scams in April 2020, noting it is currently five times higher than scams that took place in April 2019. At Gumtree we want to ensure we’re providing a place for safe and successful trading within the community. 

The pet scamming adverts to be aware of are targeting pet buyers. If you’ve seen or responded to a listing that is deemed suspicious, unlawful or goes against our posting policies, please report it immediately via our Help page here.

Providing a safe platform for the responsible trading of pets is a priority for Gumtree. Whilst most users have a positive and successful trading experience on Gumtree, it is important to understand how to avoid a pet scam.

The first signs of a scam to be aware of include:

  1. Vague descriptions or generic imagery or strange website URL
  2. Request for money immediately or a deposit for new costs due to COVID-19 animal treatments needed
  3. Poor seller history, lack of proof of identity or low rating on Gumtree profile
  4. Links to third party payment from a BulkSmS or unknown email address, especially through electronic transfer such as MoneyGram

To understand more about safely trading pets at this time, read our Safe Trading tips here.

Update: To better protect animal welfare and support responsible trading under our Gumtree Pets Code of Practice, Gumtree will be testing a mandatory insertion fee across all pets and animal listings on our platform from 1 July 2020. As a significant and deliberate shift away from Gumtree’s ‘free for all users’ model, the insertion fee will help filter out irresponsible buyers and sellers, including frivolous posters, while ensuring that serious and considered trades can still be carried out. 

Bidet-related listings associated with COVID-19

The current COVID-19 pandemic has seen an increase in demand for plumbing products including toilet seat bidet douches, handheld bidet sprays and trigger sprays, and other bidet type products that are connected to toilet water supply outlets.

We want to remind our community of the legal requirements when selling bidet products:

  • The bidet product being listed on Gumtree, or its packaging, needs to be marked with the WaterMark certification trademark and a licence number
  • Listings relating to bidet products cannot be false or misleading suggesting they are suitable for Do It Yourself (DIY) installation if they are not and require installation by a licensed plumber

DIY installations of plumbing and drainage work, including bidet products, could put the health and safety of you and your family at risk and are illegal.

We encourage users to continue to flag any ads they deem incorrect, misleading or deceptive to our Help Desk including those that breach our Policies or Terms of Use.

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