Kitchen dreams: top tips to keep your kitchen organised and stylish

Keep Your Kitchen Organised

The kitchen is the ‘heart of your home’, and a well-organised kitchen is not only a welcoming hub for your family but a statement all on its own. Make your kitchen less of a Gordon Ramsay-esque ‘Kitchen Nightmare’, and more of the kitchen of your dreams. Check out our top tips to keep your kitchen organised and stylish, from fit-out options to accessories and storage.

Everything in its place – the right storage for your kitchen

The quickest way to an unorganised kitchen is poor storage. Without the right storage options around, your kitchen can quickly become an unsightly productivity nightmare where nothing can be found and tempers are frayed. Design storage with your kitchen use in mind. If you don’t have an inbuilt pantry, a standalone pantry can be put anywhere in your kitchen or nearby to keep your dry goods organised and fresh. A practical piece of furniture for storing dining sets and servingware is a dedicated side table or buffet. These go well in your dining area if you have one.

Where possible, design your kitchen from the ground up with new kitchen cupboards and benches designed to optimise the space and make your life easier, as well as more stylish. Kitchen kits can be surprisingly affordable, and they can add more value to your home as well.

No more cluttered benchtops!

Check out any kitchen magazine and you’ll notice the one common feature of the organised and stylish kitchen – clutter-free benches. Keeping your benchtops free of appliances, food, and cooking implements is not only more organised, it’s safer and cleaner.

Keep only items you need handy on the benchtop – everything else should have a place in cabinets or on shelves. Keep little-used appliances like mixers or sandwich makers in your pantry. If you have overhead cupboards, use them for items that you need when working in those spaces, and relegate any other items to secondary storage or a place outside your kitchen if you don’t use them much. If you have a benchtop appliance, make sure it’s a high-quality one, so that at least it’ll look good while it’s taking up bench space.

Another way to keep your kitchen organised? Have less stuff!

Kitchens get cluttered easily – from multiples of the same utensil to novelty gift mugs and Tupperware your guests forgot. Make sure to spring clean regularly – not only will it free up space, but you could also sell unwanted items for extra cash.

Another option for downsizing your kitchen clutter is to invest in multi-purpose storage options and appliances that can be used in place of bulkier items that are only good for one thing. A 2-in-1 convection oven can replace a microwave and toaster oven, for example, and a kitchen island cart on wheels makes a great bench or station for your coffee machine in a small space.

Now that your kitchen is looking like something from a high-end magazine, time to move onto the other spaces in your home with quality furniture for all spaces on Gumtree.

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