Lighten Up with Our Top Lighting Ideas & Inspiration

Lighten Up With Our Top Lighting Ideas & Inspiration

Whether you adore a boho-chic style, prefer a contemporary look, love the traditional feel or tend to go for unique, eye-catching styles there is bound to be something on Gumtree to put a light in your eyes as well as your home. Choose from lots of groovy designs in our lighting guide.

Lighting by room

Selecting lighting by room is the best way to light up your home. Whether you have a lighting theme for the entire home or want to get creative with different eye-catching lighting for every room, the choice is yours.

While lighting for the study should be bright enough not to strain the eyes when reading and working, dim or dimmable lights can work a treat in the dining room, bedrooms and lounge room, as well. Cool modern lighting works well in the living room. The dining area is a place for family and friends to create lasting memories. A cool light above the dining room table in the form of a chandelier will prove a talking point for your guests. Pendant lights are another fabulous dining room lighting idea. They add character and charm.

Ideas for brightening your home

Soft lights are ideal for bedrooms. Your eyes need to adjust to the darkness gradually, to signal your body that it is time to sleep. Soft, dimmable lights with fancy designs set the mood for romance and a sound night’s sleep. We have found that using an energy-efficient light globe for a soft lighting effect means that you can relax without the pressure of a too-bright room.

There are some super cool lamps available for all areas of the house. Try matching a large floor lamp with a smaller lamp, and even adding some candles for ample but soft illumination.

Tips for choosing lighting

When thinking of kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room and hallway lighting ideas:

  • Choose lighting that everyone loves and that will enhance your home. Get the whole family involved!
  • Consider whether this lighting goes with the theme of your home? An antique lamp for example, will probably not match decor that is ultra-modern.
  • Does the lighting you love meet your budget?
  • Do you need an electrician for installation?
  • Can you purchase energy saving bulbs for this lighting to help the environment and save on electricity fees?

Our budget-friendly picks

Sculptural lights give main living areas an edgy modern look that is arty and catches the eye. Streamlined, airy and unpretentious, these lights draw the eye and illuminate.

There’s a range of gorgeous lamps on the market for reading crannies, desks and cozy corners. Himalayan salt lamps are beautiful, and create a relaxing atmosphere in the home. There are a lot of different types on the market and you can generally find these lamps available for under $30.

Lighting does not have to be simply practical, it can be eye-catching and interesting as well—even when the lights are switched off. Browse gumtree today for indoor lighting that will inspire and delight you.

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