Living Room Wall Decor to Personalise Your Space

Living Room Wall Decor To Personalise Your Space

Change is good! We’ve got ideas to personalise your living room space. If you want to spruce up your living room without having to fully redesign it, the walls are a great starting point. Here are nine wall decor ideas to revitalise your living area and make it uniquely you.


1. Large scale art

Large-scale living room wall art commands attention, especially in a small living room. Black and white wall-size prints go with most settings, while bright abstracts add colour to a more neutral setting.

2. Artistic fabric

Create an eyecatching living room feature wall with an arty tapestry or wall hanging. Add a personal touch by choosing customised tapestries, tapestry art of a place you would love to visit, or something else meaningful to you.

3. Add light with living room mirrors

Mirrors hanging from the wall reflect light, creating a brighter space that appears larger. An oversized mirror can add impact—or try hanging several smaller pieces to create a striking impression.

4. Floating shelving

These living room shelves look fabulous on the wall and can hold all your favourite small prints, photos, plants and ornaments. They can also be used as a cool bookshelf, displaying your favourite hardcovers.

Besides shelving, there are lots of living room furniture and accessories that will create a real wow factor in your home. The possibilities are limitless.

5. Paint a mural

If anyone in your family has an artistic streak, why not paint your own mural! Landscapes and urban themes are popular choices. Alternatively, a wall covering or living room wallpaper will add a distinctive twist.

6. Add some plants

Indoor plants don’t need to just sit on plantstands. By hanging plants or adding wall-mounted planters you can add an interesting aspect to your space. Nature is brought to your living room in the most creative way.

7. Use removable stickers

Removable wall stickers with quotations, family values, travel maps, dreamcatchers, flowers, and even puppies and kittens can add warmth and meaning to your living room. It has never been so easy to showcase your favourite things.

8. Rustic natural wall decor

Rustic and natural wall hangings make outstanding living room wall art. These elements combined give off a fresh warm vibe. Rustic picture frames with your favourite photo or picture are both personal and cool.

9. Abstract wall art

Abstract art not only complements modern decors, it also offsets more traditional settings very nicely. These artworks bring plain walls to life.

Measuring your wall carefully before purchasing living room wall decor may seem obvious, but it can be easily overlooked when you are excited about redecorating. Ensure that the wall art you choose will not swamp the wall, or become lost because it is too small.

There are some amazing wall decor ideas here that will really personalise your space, whether you are moving into a new home or wish to refresh a home you have lived in for years. Browse Gumtree today for a full range of living room homewares that will make your day.

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