Luxe for Less: Living Room Interior Design Ideas for Every Budget

Luxe For Less: Living Room Interior Design Ideas For Every Budget

Your living room is a reflection of your individuality. To freshen things up a bit and bring your living room in line with your life and your style, there are a few simple and inexpensive changes you can make that will have a big effect.

Rearrange things

The simplest way to revitalise your living room is by taking a good look at the space itself, not just everything in it. Are you drawn to some areas but neglecting others? Are you making the most of natural light? If you have windows with a view, are you making the best possible use of them?

Another good thing to do is to map your living room out. Drawing a to-scale layout gives you clarity when it comes to what you can actually do with the furnishings you have and the ones you want to add.

The great thing about doing this approach is that it doesn’t cost you a cent—yet the results can have quite an impact.


To make a room look larger and more attractive, less can often be more. Decluttering by removing things that don’t really mean something to you or that don’t contribute to the room’s aesthetic is one of the easiest ways to improve your living room interior design.

Too many cushions, ornaments or pieces of furniture can cause a room to feel cluttered and untidy. Even heavy curtains can create a sense of confinement. A great way to declutter is to make the most of living room storage options, such as furniture with built-in drawers, like blanket boxes, coffee tables, and TV units and entertainment cabinets.

As a bonus, when decluttering you won’t have to take any money out of your wallet—in fact, this tip may even have you making some money when you sell all your unwanted items on Gumtree.

Rug up

When looking to improve the interior design of your living room, it’s important not to neglect your humble living-room floor. A new living room carpet, new flooring, revarnishing existing timbers or simply throwing down a rug are all great ways to improve your living room’s look and feel.

Green thumb

To give your living room a touch of vibrancy there’s nothing better than a few indoor plants. Living room plants are great friends to have because they oxygenate the room, add a splash of natural colour and create a calming and pleasant environment. They’re often fairly cheap and usually don’t require too much effort to keep them green and healthy.

On the wall

An easy and affordable way to personalise your home is to get your hands on some oil paintings or wall prints for the living room, painted with delicate watercolours, and then mix these in with some of your favourite family photos.

Mirrors are a practical addition that not only allow you to make sure you’re looking smart but also reflect views and bounce natural light into nooks and crannies, which is a great way to make a small room feel larger.

If you’re ready to have a go at changing your living room on a budget, head to Gumtree Australia to find everything you need.

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