How you could make $5,404 with Gumtree?

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The second hand economy is big business and all unused/unwanted items in our homes could be worth $43.5 billion to the Australian second hand economy – up almost $4 billion from 2016. That’s an average of $5,404 worth of unused/unwanted items in every Australian household and is an increase of $200 on last year’s numbers.

We’re a nation of hoarders, with 91% of the population possessing unwanted or unused items. There’s an average of 25 unused items per home and 24% of us have 40 or more unused items.

The vast majority of Australians (86%) say that they prefer buying second hand over brand new, so now that Spring is in the air – it may be time for a clean out and list your unwanted items on Gumtree. Click here to list an item today.

The most commonly sold items are:

Homeware and furniture (24%)

Clothing, shoes and accessories (20%)

Electronic goods (18%)

Games and toys (16%).

While most common unwanted goods are:

Clothing, shoes, and accessories (63%)

Books (54%)

Music, DVD’s and CD’s (54%)

Electronic goods (50%).

Here are a few gems that have been listed on Gumtree, to give you an idea of what to sell and make some extra coin.

Harry Potter first seven novels in a box set – Gumtree price $90 (RRP $120)

Click here or on the image below to view the item.

Blu Ray and DVD collection – Gumtree price $90 (RRP $900)

Click here or on the image below to view the item.

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