Make a Statement Indoors & Out with Large Plant Pots

Make A Statement Indoors & Out With Large Plant Pots

Potted plants can transform any space in your home—indoors or out. You can make an impressive statement at your front or back entrance, or add some life to your backyard with a myriad of potted plants. If you have a plain area that needs a revamp, read on to find out which large plant pot will suit it best.

Large pot plants—indoors or outdoors

Indoor plants don’t just look fabulous whilst adding atmosphere to your home—they can also contribute to a healthy living environment. Plants naturally add oxygen and negative ions to the air, helping to purify it. A plant-filled environment may be therapeutic and have other health benefits such as reducing stress levels and improving concentration.

If you have a deck or patio that needs some colour or lack the space for garden beds in your backyard, some pots with evergreen plants or a variety of colours will brighten up the area instantly. The larger the pot is the more attention it will demand. Revamping your home with some pot plants is worth the investment, but also doesn’t have to blow your budget. There are lots of cheap plant pots to choose from with affordable plants to match.

Which plants will thrive in a large pot?

There are many types of plants that flourish in large indoor plant pots, and you don’t necessarily need to have a green thumb. Rubber plants, monsteras and happy plants are all beautiful green indoor plants that are easy to grow and maintain. Peace lilies are perfect too: They are hardy and have gorgeous white flowers for much of the year.

Birds of paradise or palms are well-suited to large outdoor plant pots, and brightly coloured geraniums look stunning by the door. Lavender is also a popular choice—this purple flowering plant grows easily and adds a delicate, fresh scent to your outdoor area.

Choosing the right pot

In a large space, large decorative pots for indoor plants will ensure that your plant stands out and gets noticed. The pot can be just as important as the plant—here are some ideas to inspire you.

Terracotta pots are beautiful and practical: these porous pots can save your plants from root rot as a result of overwatering. Metal pots are a sturdy option less prone to cracking or breaking. Timber plant stands and rustic plant pots are great if you’re after that cool country look and feel. Plant pots on stands look amazing and are ideal for indoors. Mix and match different colours for a funky style or keep the look understated and simple with one or two cool and stylish neutrals.

Even if you already have a garden, potted plants can be a point of interest in your patio or backyard. There are many plants that love pots, and they can be easy to care for—even for an inexperienced gardener. Check out the large range of indoor and outdoor pots on Gumtree today.

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