Maximise Your Living Room with these Space-Saving Small Coffee Tables

Maximise Your Living Room With These Space-Saving Small Coffee Tables

As well as being a resting place for your morning brew, coffee tables are often the centrepiece of your living room, and the right choice of table can add style as well as function. If you’re concerned that your living room can’t accommodate a coffee table, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite small coffee tables that will fit well in any living room.

Smarter spaces: coffee tables with storage

If you’re looking for storage space to house books, games, DVDs, remote controls, gear for your latest hobbies or even dining ware, a coffee table with drawers or shelves can maximise space and minimise clutter in your living room.

Want a coffee table and display cabinet in one? You can protect your prized possessions and keep them on show at the same time with a glass coffee table with storage underneath.

There are lots of great square coffee tables with drawers on every side to give you extra storage capacity. While larger options can take up extra floor space, they save even more space by giving you somewhere to put away those things that are cluttering up your living room—plus, everyone gets their own side of the table on games night.

Stacks on: nesting coffee tables

A nesting coffee table set provides versatility and practicality that you can’t find in a typical round or rectangular coffee table. Nesting coffee tables stack conveniently when not in use, and they’re also super-stylish. Another added benefit? With a nesting coffee table set, you can use each separate table where you need it. If you have a long couch or a wide, narrow room, you can have nesting tables at either end so people aren’t reaching over each other to get to their slice of the table.

A minimalist white nesting coffee table set will usually match perfectly with any modern decor. If you’re looking for a coffee table to complement a natural or organic decor, a table with a timber finish can be accessorised with coffee table decor in your choice of material or colour.

Scaling up when you need it: extendable coffee tables

Whether you need a bigger coffee table for entertaining or for accommodating more snacks on your next Netflix night, there are coffee tables for sale that extend to add more table space and function. If you want your table to double as a dining or craft area, look for a height-adjustable coffee table with a top that raises and lowers with ease for multi-purpose use. If you need more surface area rather than height, look for extendable coffee tables that can be enlarged by adding extra attachments to the base table, or better yet, a tabletop that slides on tracks and folds open to reveal a bigger table surface.

The perfect coffee table for your living room, no matter what size, is out there. Once you’ve found the right coffee table for your home, accessorise it with conversation-starting coffee table decor like books, scented candles or one of the many coffee table accessories you can find on Gumtree.

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