Mitsubishi Electric and Hybrid Car Models

Mitsubishi Electric And Hybrid Car Models

Mitsubishi is the latest major manufacturer to join the electric revolution. While Mitsubishi has focused on emissions reduction technology for decades, they’ve just recently started adding hybrid and electric versions of their most popular models, including a plug-in hybrid electric version of their signature Outlander that’s a contender for any 4WD-centric best electric or best hybrid cars list.

Mitsubishi currently has two hybrid electric vehicles on offer in Australia, and they announced the impending release of five new models in their home country of Japan in late 2020. While there’s no Australian release date yet, we can expect new additions to the Mitsubishi hybrid electric line-up in the near future.

Find out which Mitsubishi electric and hybrid cars are on offer and which one is right for you.


Mitsubishi launched its first electric vehicle, the i-MiEV, in Australia in 2010. The i-MiEV was named after the technology that helped bring the car to life: Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle (MiEV) technology. A five-door hatchback, the i-MiEV was the world’s first modern highway-capable mass-production electric car (followed shortly after by the Nissan Leaf). With its unique bubble-shaped styling and impressive acceleration for the era, i-MiEV was a promising start for electric vehicle technology in Australia.

i-MiEV models have a charging port hidden behind a fuel cap, lending to the car’s transitional shape. A proximity sensing key is used to lock, unlock and start the car. The i-MiEV performs best in city conditions, due to the fact it regenerates power during braking and deceleration and is good for a range of up to 120 km. Trips to and from work, down to the shops, and other light city driving tasks are all perfect for a car like the i-MiEV.

Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi are continuing to embrace low emissions technology with a plug-in hybrid electric version of the Outlander. Outlander PHEV is a 5-seater sports SUV 4WD crossover with a 2.0 L MIVEC petrol engine and twin electric motors. Add in outstanding safety features and performance alongside plenty of cargo space and the Outlander is leading the way for 4WD electric vehicles. You can fully charge your Outlander PHEV overnight with a standard household power point or use a fast charger to be fully charged in as little as 30 minutes.

When EV mode is selected, Outlander PHEV offers eco-friendly driving with power coming exclusively from the lithium-ion main drive battery, meaning zero emissions. The drive range from the electric motors is up to 54 km. If you need a bit more power, the system will automatically switch to hybrid driving.

Outlander PHEV delivers all the same great features you expect from traditional fuel Outlander models like advanced safety features (including forward collision assistance, lane departure warning and blind-spot monitoring), a luxurious interior fit-out in a range of trims and colours, and a braked towing capacity of over 1,500 kg, enough for your caravan, jet ski, or other heavy loads.

The i-MiEV and Outlander PHEV marks the beginning of Mitsubishi’s electric/hybrid future in Australia. You can browse Mitsubishi’s eco-friendly vehicle options on Gumtree now.

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