Modern Dining Room Table Decor for Busy Homes

Modern Dining Room Table Decor For Busy Homes

The dining room table is an essential part of most homes. Whether you’re sitting down to a home-cooked meal or some takeaway, it can be a place to gather, connect through conversation and share life experiences. Read on for dining room design ideas to dress up your dining experiences and make mealtimes more vibrant and exciting.

Crockery and cutlery—flatware, serving dishes and glassware

Crockery and cutlery are basic essentials for any dining situation. Is your serving ware boring? Express your inner chef and collect some snazzy plates, bowls and serving ware to make your food look fabulous. If you have storage space, consider an extra set of crockery for special meals and dinner parties. You might want matching cutlery too. Good quality dining room table sets of high-end cutlery brands such as Stanley Rogers and Villeroy and Boch can be expensive, but they can be long-lasting and stylish.

You could also mix it up with an eclectic collection. Mikasa, Wedgewood and Royal Doulton make high-end, fine dining-style crockery, but more economical dinnerware can be used every day without worrying about breakages. IKEA offers good value, stylish and functional serving ware and cutlery. Glassware is another essential for which you might consider inexpensive options for everyday use, while fine crystal dinnerware can add a classic formality to your table on more special occasions.

Soft furnishings—placemats, tablecloths and central runners

Soft furnishings for your table can help protect them from everyday wear and tear. Placemats are an easy way to keep your dining surface clean. If you have kids, you’ll probably use lots of practical soft and hard table mats. Soft ones have the advantage of being able to be thrown in the washing machine, along with your eco-friendly cloth napkins.

Perhaps layer placemats over a tablecloth and consider how your serving ware will complement their style. Glass dining room tables can be difficult to keep clean, so tablecloths could be a time-saving life hack for those. A central table runner is a luxurious style of presentation, often used to frame a centrepiece on a small dining room table or to tie multiple centrepieces together on a long one.

Centrepieces—floral displays, candle stands and platters

A centrepiece can add modern flair to your dining table. It can be left in place when the area is not in use, so it might be worth investing time and money in a creative project. Candles in holders provide a romantic ambience, while tealights in holders provide inexpensive mood lighting. Flowers are also often used as centrepieces. Fresh, dried or artificial flowers can add a natural vibe to your mealtimes.

Dining room ceiling lights are often placed directly above the table and can illuminate a centrepiece stylishly. If you have a nice bowl, platter or vase in the back of your cupboard, drag it out and fill it with anything. Glass pebbles, shells, plastic or timber critters are all possibilities. Perhaps consult a young person—children love to be creative and will surely have some flair to contribute.

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