Modern Home Decor Ideas for Every Space

Modern Home Decor Ideas For Every Space

Moving into your modern dream home at last? Or ready to give your home a modern makeover? We share our top tips for creating a modern look in every room in your home.

Sleek & stylish: Scandinavian-inspired living spaces

There’s a reason IKEA is a household name. Scandinavian-inspired design has taken the world by storm, emphasising sleek, simple lines and natural finishes for the ultimate modern look.

Want living areas that have the same quality look as a show home? Start with the right key furniture pieces as your foundation and accessorise with the latest shades and fabrics to keep everything on-trend.

The perfect modern dining room includes a simple dining table in a natural wood finish paired with statement dining room chairs.

Achieve a modern living room look with a modern TV unit in light or natural wood shades with both display shelves and hidden storage to keep your designer pieces on show and your clutter out of the way. If you like a darker look, you can use walnut wood tones as your base and build up with navy or forest green shades.

In the kitchen, nothing says modern like stone benchtops and accessories, or opt for natural timber kitchen accessories for a lighter look.

Get more zen: Japanese-inspired workspaces

Every room in your home deserves modern treatment, including spaces that aren’t necessarily on show. Be more productive at home with modern office furniture inspired by Japanese design principles—simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty that doesn’t compromise on function.

Like the rest of your home, your office can benefit from simple, modern finishes that look great and inspire calm while you work. You can invest in a desk in timber or neutral shades complemented with a stylish but comfortable statement desk chair.

It always pays to keep your other home workspaces natural and decluttered for less distraction and more output. From your garage to your home gym, you can’t go wrong with high-quality, low-profile storage that doesn’t detract from the overall look of your room while keeping clutter minimal.

Back to nature: modern bedroom furnishings

Looking for a sophisticated bedroom look that also inspires better quality sleep? Modern bedroom furniture in natural or pastel finishes is the latest in bedroom chic, with the added benefit of an extra soft and cosy feel when paired with the right manchester and textiles.

Pair a modern timber or white bedroom suite with the soft, white glow of modern LED pendant lighting and add in bamboo or linen to continue the light, natural palette throughout the room.

For a stronger feel, try darker timber and furnishings in colours like navy and charcoal for a more modern aesthetic than black shades. Don’t forget to add the right timber or fabric headboard to give a contemporary finish to your room.

You can turn your home into a sleek, modern showpiece that will earn the admiration of any guest with the right modern home decor and furnishings. Once you’ve found the perfect furniture, time to find the right wall art, window decor and home decor accessories to complete your look on Gumtree.

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