Most popular baby suburbs in Australia

Most Popular Baby Suburbs

Are you living in one of Australia’s baby hotspots? Some neighbourhoods across Australia seem to be teaming with prams, frantic mums, fresh little babies, and hyperactive toddlers at the moment. Here are just some…


The NSW Births, Deaths & Marriages Registry report that the most popular baby suburbs are Orange and Dubbo, followed by Blacktown in West Sydney.

Fortunately for these baby boomers, living in these areas isn’t quite as hefty as living closer to the CBD. While buying an apartment in Sydney city can be $600,000 and up, the average range in these areas are generally $686,078 for a one bedroom apartment.


With an abundance of schools, ever-improving infrastructure and services, it’s no surprise that the municipalities of Melbourne are the baby-belts of Victoria. In fact, The Age claims that every 11 hours there are enough little tots to fill a prep class.

These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Point Cook – a ‘nice quiet town’ with an average housing price of $500-600K
  • Cranbourne – ‘well priced housing’ of a high standard according to reviews on Homely
  • Doreen – great for parks and family recreation with house prices said to have fallen in recent years


Some rated areas for little ones in Queensland include North and South Stradbroke island, and Ashmore and Benowa on the Gold Coast. Living in these parts is generally between $300-600K, and they offer a laid-back lifestyle with close proximity to swimming areas, parks, and a variety of other family-friendly recreation.


Northern Territory News says that a baby boom happened at Royal Darwin Hospital in 2014, while Homely reviews point out that the state’s best family suburbs are Stuart Park and Wulagi, and eastward to Howard Springs. These suburbs known for their neighbourly spirit can set families back $500-700K.


The highest fertility rates in Adelaide’s appear to be twice as high in the outer suburbs than the inner according to The Advertiser. These fringe parts include Davoren Park and Munno Para West. It’s also said that the housing here is more affordable for young families.


Local government area of Corrigin appears to be one of Western Australia’s hubs of high birth rates. With a birth rate of a staggering 4.76 children per woman, there are reports that people really have the elbow the prams out of the way. Luck for these baby boomers, the median real estate price has been floating around $150k.


In Canberra higher rates are in the outer south and north regions with Majura and Dunlop a couple of the most notable suburbs in terms of the little bubs – median price for apartments being around $300K and median for houses being around $500K.


Hobart and Sandy Bay, have lower fertility rates and the remaining greater Hobart area has higher fertility – living costs generally in the vicinity of $300-600K

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