How much would you earn if you sold all your possessions, to travel?

Travel Australia Selling Possesions

Ever thought of quitting your job and setting out on an adventure across the world? It may sound like a crazy idea, but you can do it. C. Blythe Pack on The Penny Hoarder, and Thrifty Nomads share how they sold everything to travel.


Blythe’s dream was to leave the concrete jungle of New York behind and experience nature. But first she had to sell all her things within a one month. This was a challenge, especially as she wanted to make as much money as possible.

Blythe shares how she sold all her things, and how she earned $7000 from selling. Here are her selling tips:

  • Leave as much time as possible to get the job done
  • List your items online and get creative in your descriptions
  • Make it clear that you’re selling on a “first-come, first-serve basis”
  • Don’t forget to sell the little things. Brythe made money on old wine bottles and made $30 selling old concert ticket stubs on Instagram


Thrify Nomads sold all their possessions twice, to travel twice. The first time, they made a total of $6,500 from selling their possessions, and an extra $5,500 from the car. The second time around, they made $1000 selling their possessions. This is an impressive total of $13,000 for selling everything they had. As the Nomads say, “each dollar earned is another dollar towards a flight, a bus ride or a hotel”. They point out “money will take you far for any savvy traveller”.

Here are Nomads tips for selling your stuff:

  • Detach from your things. It’s hard to let go, but know you’re passing your items on to a new home
  • Sell early and sell often to profit as much as possible. Brythe points out just how important time is in this process
  • Do your research. Find out the regular retail price (RRP) of your items. As a rule of thumb, Thrifty Nomads sold their items at half of the RRP
  • Sell across different platforms – garage sales, markets, and online resources

How much do you think you could make if you sold all your possessions?

89% of us are hanging onto an average of 25 unwanted goods at home, which add up to about $5200. The Second Hand Economy report, shows that the most common unused items Australia have sitting at home include:

  •    Clothes, shoes, and accessories (61%)
  •    Books (53%)
  •    Music, DVD’s and CD’s (51%)
  •    Games and Toys (49%)

Use Gumtree to sell your furniture, homewares, clothing, electronics, cars and more today!

Gumtree commissioned Second Hand Economy Report, by Galaxy Research, August 2016


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