Our Guide to the Best Air Fryer for Your Home

Best Air Fryer

Looking for comfort food without the high calories? An air fryer can cook a wider range of food than you might think using the latest technology for faster, healthier food. Get ‘fried’ food that’s just as tasty as the guilty pleasures from a traditional deep fryer with our guide to the best air fryer for every home.

Starting out: air fryer options for first-time fryers

If you’re new to the air frying experience, choose a reliable, high-quality air fryer for tasty food and an easy cooking experience that doesn’t leave a bad first impression. Top brands include plenty of air fryer recipes, instructional materials and support online—so that you can get the most from your air fryer no matter what you’re cooking. Air fryers can be used to cook everything from frozen fries to whole chickens and roast meals in a single basket, so it’s important to get the best model you can afford when you’re learning the ropes.

Our top picks for air fryer newbies:Tefal makes great air fryers with fast, even cooking and settings for roasting and baking. You can even get a Tefal air fryer with a rotisserie attachment. Philips is another appliance manufacturer famous for air fryers: a Philips air fryer includes smart digital features for monitoring cooking time and automatically adjusting to optimal heat settings during operation.

Extras for experts: upgrading your air fryer for added features

Not all air fryers are equal, and once you’ve spent some time navigating the new world of guilt-free frying it’s time to level up to fryers with more space or features for more complicated cooking. Many air fryers are combination appliances that can replace multiple benchtop appliances, saving you space and cooking time. Upgraded air fryers typically feature a greater range of accessories to support cooking everything from chicken parmesan to steaks, and many have easy-clean surfaces and functions to make life easier after eating, too.

Our top picks for air fryer upgrades: If you’re a fried foods aficionado, Miracle Chef makes a range of air fryers with rapid air technology for crispier snacks every time. A Miracle Chef air fryer can also replace multiple benchtop appliances with multi-function models that include dehydrator and grill features. Air fryer hero Philips also makes XXL models with more cooking space for your favourite meals in one basket.

Keep your waistline and your wallet healthy: budget air fryers

You can lose weight on a budget with the right budget air fryer. Eschew expensive diet foods in favour of better cooking techniques to reduce calories without increasing your weekly shopping budget. Air fryers are not only great for cooking with fewer kilojoules, but they also save time and energy. Pair your air fryer with other calorie-busting appliances like steamers or slow cookers for tastier, healthy meals.

Our top picks for budget air fryers: Everyone loves ‘Kmart hacks’, and their air fryers are no exception with Kmart’s Anko air fryer a budget favourite. If you’re going slightly more upmarket, Mistral makes a range of large, affordable air fryers with accessories.

It is possible to eat fried food without the guilt when you invest in a high-quality air fryer that fits your lifestyle and home. Keen to take your health kick even further? We’ve got all the appliances you need, from smart grills to treadmills, on Gumtree.

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