Our Guide to the Best Family Washing Machine Brands

Our Guide To The Best Family Washing Machine Brands

The family washing machine has lots of work to do and the more in the family, the more it has to perform. So, it’s worth your while to take a good look at all the factors that go into the wash, for the best family washing machine for you.

Front loading washing machines

Front loading washing machines are broadly more expensive than top loaders but they deliver numerous advantages. By tumbling the clothes in the revolving drum, they enlist gravity to help move the clothes around gently. They use less water and that means less detergent is required. Plus, they spin faster to extract more water from your clothes, making the drying process faster—and cheaper if you’re using a clothes dryer.

Great front loading washing machines to consider

When it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, Miele scores an impressive 4.5 Star Water Efficiency Rating and Standards (WELS) rating. Many a Miele washing machine also features a special honeycomb-patterned drum that forms a thin layer of water to protect your clothes even better.

If you’ve got a big wash for a big family, the Bosch range offers a hefty 8 kg load capacity and efficiency features including load-sensing technology that automatically adjusts the amount of water and wash cycle required to get the job done.

When the going gets really tough go for an LG washing machine with a range that can wash up to 15 kg. TurboClean technology reduces the cycle time and in turn cuts water usage by 45%, while TrueSteam generates extremely high water temperatures to tackle irksome stains.

Samsung washing machine models feature nifty features like AddWash that lets you throw in more clothes after the cycle has started, BubbleWash to foam away stains and a 15-minute QuickWash. You can even monitor all this from an app on your phone!

If time is not on your side, rely on the Siemens range with Speed Perfect features that can cut your washing time in half.

Top loading washing machines

Where the initial outlay is a primary factor, top loading washing machines are the least expensive option. They’re a lot easier to load and unload, their wash cycles are usually quicker and you can throw in clothes once the cycle has started.

The top bracket top loaders

Proving that top loaders can take large amounts of family washing, Fisher and Paykel washing machines have a range that will give up to 8.5 kg of dirty clothes a thorough once over with a variety of efficient cycles designed for various fabrics.

Why not opt for a Simpson washing machine? The Simpson Speed Queen range can handle up to 8 kg and do it fast with Time-Adjust technology that includes Save Favourites settings for your regular large loads. They’re tough too, built using a heavy-duty, all-metal construction.

You probably grew up with a Whirlpool in your family laundry, and that Aussie dependability is still going strong with a range of top loaders made for today’s washing demands. These include ultrasonic pumps that use high frequency to effectively shake stains out of clothes without harming delicate fabrics.

To keep your laundry humming, there are ideal washing machines and clothes dryers waiting to help—just check them out at Gumtree Australia.

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