Our top tips and ideas to repair or restyle your home’s fence

Our Top Tips And Ideas To Repair Or Restyle Your Home's Fence

Fences are crucial to the look, protection and privacy of your home. Sometimes replacing fencing (whilst it is the easier option) can cost a lot more than repairs or a simple restyle. Our guide will explore fence ideas that won’t send you bankrupt but will still create a new, more modern look for your fence.


Renovating your fence can be one of the simplest ways to transform your home. A simple paint job or repair can completely change the look of a previously old, dingy-looking fence. Here are some low-budget fence ideas we’ve come up with to help you re-invent your home:

  • Painting: A new lick of paint can completely change the look of a home, especially if you’re wanting to make that new outdoor entertaining area pop. It can be pricier, especially if you decide to hire someone rather than do the job yourself, but it will be easier than replacing a whole fence.
  • Staining: Just like decks, fences need some loving too. If you like the natural wood look for your fence, then there’s no need to change that; re-staining your fence can restore it to like-new condition. Budget wise it could end up being about the same as re-painting, but may take you less time and coats to achieve the look you’re going for.
  • Repairs: Sometimes it might only take a few planks of wood to fix a few holes and to make it look as good as new. For pool fencing that has rusted, try an anti-rust and corrosion spray followed by a primer and a coat of paint to improve the look and safety of the fence.


Sometimes the structure of a fence is perfect but it still lacks that little something to make it more vibrant and interesting. This is where some decor options come into play. You don’t need to completely repaint your fence to make it look new, sometimes you can decorate it in a simple way to make it look new. Here are some simple options to redesign your fence at home:

  • Planters: A guaranteed way to improve the look of any fence. You can find hanging ones to adorn your fence to create a garden wall. This is a great space-saving way to add greenery to your backyard. Let your creativity flow with planters.
  • Pallets: The new DIY must-have in homes. They can be used in multiple ways to upgrade your home. You can use pallets as a wall feature, vertical veggie patch or even as your actual fence.
  • Laser-cut screens: Laser-cut screens are an easy option to decorate any fence. They can take a boring plain fence and create a piece of art instead. Browse laser cut screens for inspiration.

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